Updated FTP Site Replaces Bulletin Board System

Copresco's computer bulletin board, once the workhorse for electronic print files transmission, has been completely replaced with an updated FTP site.

"Like the 14.4 bps modem, the bulletin board was state-of-the-art technology when we announced the service in 1995," says company president Steve Johnson. "For the last several years, we have offered customers an easy-to-use web interface with our FTP site. It provides a much faster, more convenient way of sending PC and Macintosh digital files for printing. And, proprietary software is not required."

The FTP site is anonymous so it can be accessed without an entry password. "However," Johnson says, "no one can download or even view any of the contents of files on the site." A secure site with an exclusive customer password can also be established on request.

Copresco does not recommend e-mail files transmission for print files due to encoding problems, limitations on file sizes and differences in e-mail programs, version numbers and computer platforms. "Also, e-mail is not a real time medium," Johnson says. "Therefore, files are often delayed in transmission. FTP provides real time transmission. What is being sent, is what is being received."

Copresco's FTP site was created in 1998 and updated this year to provide easier customer access and drag and drop files capability. The site is linked to Copresco's website at After accessing the FTP site through a "Send Us A Job" link, customers can upload their documents from the File menu or simply drag the files to the window.

Copresco specializes in digital on-demand printing of publications, books and manuals for clients in the general business, printing trade, technical and institutional fields. The company is headquartered in Carol Stream, Ill.

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