Copresco Purchases Four Heidelberg Digital Presses

Copresco has contracted with Canon Business Solutions for the purchase of four Heidelberg manufactured digital presses.

"We must continue to invest in the future," says Copresco president Steve Johnson. The decision follows a year of in-house testing and evaluation. The new Imagerunner press (also know as Digimaster) was developed in a joint venture between Heidelberg and Kodak and is sold by Canon.

"Our clients have held us to a commitment of imaging excellence since Copresco's inception in 1987. The Heidelberg press allows us to raise the digital imaging bar even higher. We can now produce richer solids, halftones with more snap and crisper, more readable text for our clients' publications, books and manuals. We can also significantly improve the image quality of jobs run on coated sheets and lighter book weight papers." Johnson explained.

"Just as we have done for years with the Docutech," Johnson says, "we have already found ways to improve the accuracy and quality of the Imagerunner. We will continue these pioneering development efforts as we strive for perfection in all facets of our digital on-demand operations."

"We are pleased that Copresco has chosen Canon as their digital production provider," says Emily Reynolds, president of Canon Business Solutions-Central, Inc. "Copresco is a national leader in digital technology development and on-demand printing innovation. Canon's knowledge of front-end technology and document workflow will provide additional support for Copresco's high volume printing services."

Purchase of the new digital presses falls on the heels of other major Copresco equipment acquisitions. Within the past 12 months, the company has installed a perfect binder, a three-knife trimmer, a second index tab system, edge reinforcing equipment and a heavy-duty stitcher.

Copresco specializes in digital on-demand printing of publications, books and manuals for clients in the general business, printing trade, technical and institutional fields.

William Reed, Senior Vice President-Canon USA; Steve Johnson, President, Copresco; and Emily Reynolds, President, Canon Business Solutions-Central meet at Copresco during the testing of Canon's Imagerunner 110.

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