Survey to Determine Future Color Press Purchases

Xerox or Indigo? A customer survey that will determine the future purchase of digital color presses is being conducted by Copresco, a Carol Stream, Ill. digital printer.

The firm is asking over 1400 graphic arts professionals to compare the quality of a Xerox DocuColor 2060 and Indigo E-Print Pro Plus and vote for the press they believe produces the best color.

Copresco has been producing on-demand black and white books since 1987, predominantly by the DocuTech process. The company currently operates five DocuTech 6180s.

“We entered the color arena with a DocuColor 40,” says company president Steve Johnson. “Now we are upgrading our color equipment and want our customers to participate in the decision-making process via the ballot box.”

Decisions will be based on the evaluation of two company newsletter issues. One version was digitally printed on the Xerox DocuColor 2060; the other on the Indigo E-Print Pro Plus. Customers have been asked to consider the overall quality of the press to reproduce colored and black and white text, background tints and color gradients, colored graphics and scanned photos.

Respondents can vote for the color press of their choice and add personal comments via a “fax-back” ballot or online at Copresco’s website.

“The result of the survey will be a key factor in determining which press will become the standard in our expanding digital on-demand color division,” Johnson concluded.

Copresco is a digital printer specializing in on-demand printing and distribution of publications, books and manuals for general business, printing trade, technical and institutional clients.

Color Digital Printing

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