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Moral Authority

War. Who is qualified to make such a momentous decision as when to wage war? Elected leaders like George W Bush and Tony Blair have legal authority, and deserve our respect for their unwavering pursuit of a cause they believe is right. But more than legalities are needed to persuade me of the cruel necessity of war.

I demand moral authority. Such cannot be bestowed by an election, nor can it be granted by a congress or parliament. Moral authority does not depend on what family you belong to. Only one’s own life and actions can bestow moral authority.

Everyone, I hope, strives for moral authority. We at Copresco hope that we have earned some measure of moral authority with you, by the efforts we make and the promises we keep on your behalf. We work to earn your trust by making sure the digital printing and binding of your books and manuals proceeds smoothly.

That seems pretty easy when compared to the price others have paid for moral authority. In some cases, the price is almost beyond comprehension.

I find the eloquence of Uganda’s Paul Kagame most persuasive. He has 800,000 lost lives backing up his argument that avoiding combat doesn’t automatically mean peace…and that the United Nations isn’t always right.

The picture below mine is Sgt. Jason Johnson, paratrooper with the U.S Army’s 173rd Airborne infantry. Sent into harm’s way in the service of his country, he assures me that he is ready to do his job and, if needed, to make the ultimate sacrifice for a cause he believes in.

That’s moral authority. God be with you, son.

Steve Johnson, President

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