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All Docutechs Are Not Created Equal II

In my last president’s message, I discussed with you the fact that there are many machines called “docutechs” and that not all of them are suitable for digital on-demand printing. Now, let’s look at another part of the equation, the peripheral items upon which so much depends.

What’s In Front? As in all forms of imaging on paper, the quality of the printed images can only be as good as the front-end prepress technology that proceeds it. Front-end quality at “would-be” digital on-demand printers often falls victim to two big mistakes. First, many newcomer digital printers believe vendor advertisements that say “you just push a button and walk away!” Do you want a vendor that walks away from your job?!

The second mistake occurs after reality sets in. The amateur digital printer then turns to his equipment vendor, looking for technology to solve problems caused by lack of knowledge. Believe it or not, Xerox does not make the best front-end solutions for digital on-demand printing. That’s why Copresco uses a variety of prepress workflows to best serve all of our customers’ needs. If your digital vendor claims to rely exclusively on things like “Digipath” and “Xdod” you would do well to keep on looking.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all is accepting the above as “good enough” or “okay.” Digital on-demand does not mean poor or mediocre quality. I firmly maintain that the application of knowledge combined with effort allows Copresco to rise far above the digital pack. And I have a wall full of awards, won from printing your jobs, to prove it.

Now that you and I have thoroughly discussed the equipment aspects of docutech printing, we’ll move on to consider some of the “intangibles”. See you here next time.

Steve Johnson, President

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