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All Docutechs Are Not Created Equal IV

We’ve spent the last three President’s Message columns looking at the most common reasons why there is such a wide disparity between digital on-demand printers who use docutechs.

Who bought all those docutechs? I did! And that is the final consideration when choosing a docutech print provider. As the president of Copresco, I chose the docutech because it enabled Copresco to best serve our customers’ needs for fast turnaround (the key factor in on-demand printing) and quality (the key factor in all printing.) When something better comes along, my partner Chuck Legorreta and I will change our equipment lineup for the same reason. Until then, there will be many who think that they can reproduce (no pun intended) Copresco’s success by giving Xerox a purchase order for a few Docutechs. Many have failed.

Are those that appear to have succeeded able to use docutechs to provide the same level of service as Copresco? Let’s revisit the prospective client whose remark began this series.

“I figure that all docutechs print the same, so the only issue is who has the lowest price,” he said. So, why are you considering Copresco, if you already have a low priced vendor? “I’m just not happy with my current source!” he replied. Indeed. That prospect became a steady customer, and remains so to this day.

Apparently, he decided all docutechs don’t print the same after all.

All docutechs are not created equal. Thanks to our customers for helping us to make this so.

Steve Johnson, President

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