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Oh, no, a CEO!

Being a company president and CEO ain't easy these days.

When people ask me, in casual conversation, what I do for a living, I usually tell them something general like, "I'm a printer." "Oh, I see. So are you a press operator, or what?"

In hushed tones, I reply, "I'm the CEO."

They quickly mumble an apology for asking, and hurry off, lest they be spotted in such disreputable company. Now I know how attorneys feels.

Chief executive officers (CEO for short), presidents, and board chairman seem to have fallen into disrepute lately, and who can blame the public for the lack of respect? The crash and burn of such corporate giants as Enron, Worldcom, and Tyco have exposed some high profile residents of the executive suite as uncaring, irresponsible, and frankly incompetent.

So what's different about Copresco? For one thing, we measure our sales in millions, not billions. The contempt for customers that seems ingrained in the big boys is simply a luxury that Copresco cannot afford. We need you! Every sale is important. Our continued success depends upon your repeat business.

Disdain for shareholders has been the theme among the most famous failed companies. Copresco is privately held. The management team and the shareholders are one . Any move we make is for the good of the organization, because unlike the high-flyers, our future depends on sound, logical financial decisions. That is why we've reinvested our profits (along with an awful lot of our own savings) in Copresco's future.

What does this mean to you? We've been providing you with digital on-demand printing for sixteen years. We'll be here tomorrow. And we look forward to working with you.

Steve Johnson, President

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