TechTopics No. 11 Deciphers ISO Paper Standards

     Copresco has published a technical bulletin to help individuals who design or produce printed materials for international use.

     Most North Americans have no idea that metrics, not U.S. measurements, are the paper standards used everywhere in the world except the United States and Canada. TechTopics No. 11 will help graphic arts professionals score major points with foreign-based customers by meeting ISO (International Standards Organization) guidelines.

     The bulletin explains the ISO paper size concept and includes paper drilling specifications. Easy-to-follow comparison charts of ISO A, B and C series paper formats supplement the text.

     The bulletin is one of a continuing series of TechTopics devoted to digital technology and Printing On-Demand. Each issue is printed with a divider tab for easy filing and reference.

     For a free copy, write Copresco, 262 Commonwealth Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188.

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