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Copresco Links Area Statement of Purpose/F.A.Q.

By Larry the Lynx

The purpose of Copresco’s links area is to provide a quick and easily used reference to helpful internet resources, organized roughly by topic. Most relate in some way to the subject of digital print on demand.

How come most of the links are related to such topics as printing, computing, color, and document creation? I’m looking for info about butterfly collecting.

Since Copresco is America’s #1 Digital On-Demand Printer, many of the topics naturally relate in some way to digital print on demand. We do endeavor to cover a wide variety of topics, and include just about anything that might even be remotely related to print on demand of books and manuals. Even if you have no involvement with printed materials, much of the information here may be of great value to you. Just be forewarned: you are more likely to find links here pertaining to printer drivers than to, say, butterfly collecting.

If this is about printing, why is there so much computer-related info?

Because most information today passes through computing devices, and because most printed information is entered and formatted on a computer, there are many links relating to computers and computer related activity. For example, our virus prevention section may not apply directly to digital printing, but does contain information that is essential to virtually everyone involved in the creation of printed materials. This same information is also of great value to many who have no involvement in our industry. You are viewing this information on a computer right now, aren’t you?

Hey! Some of these links are to your own sites!

Some of the links here are to pages within Copresco’s own site. Naturally, if has a page or section that covers the topic at hand, we’ll include it. This also provides a way to find some of the more obscure pages that are buried deep within Copresco’s voluminous site. The majority of listings are links to non-Copresco addresses.

Does Copresco endorse this stuff?

Copresco doesn’t endorse anything, except itself. All links are provided here for informational purposes to our clients, in the hopes that they will be helpful. Neither Copresco nor Larry the Lynx endorse any site listed here.

Can I download this stuff for free?

Short answer: probably not. Long answer: Everything at Copresco’s websites is copyrighted, and may not be downloaded or reprinted without express permission of Copresco/Copies Overnight Inc. Everything at anyone else’s website is subject to the rules of that organization. Almost everything on the web is under copyright.

You have some shareware links. That’s free, isn’t it?

Shareware, as a rule, means that you can download the software on a “try, then buy” basis. Unlike “freeware” which is really given away free, shareware normally asks that you send payment if you keep the software installed for use. And paying for shareware is a good thing, because it encourages shareware developers to keep up the good work. In any case, you must read the webpage (or license agreement for software) before downloading.

Gee, why all the rules?

Copresco created this area, and all of its web content, in the spirit of the internet: open exchange of information with as few constraints as possible. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and money to create useful sites. Whether you are a customer, vendor, competitor, or just a curious visitor, please honor our efforts by respecting our rights. Ask before you quote, reprint, or otherwise borrow any material. This will keep and the entire internet up, open, and available to you.

If you find any problems such as expired or redirected links, slow-loading sites, or inappropriate material, please notify us.

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