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Copresco is famous for digital on-demand printing of books and manuals. But one of the best-kept secrets in the business is that Copresco is also an award-winning creator of content-rich, technically sophisticated websites. See for yourself. Below is a list of Copresco–created websites. See if any contain features you need but aren't getting from your current provider.

Complete Sites:

Copresco     Digital On-Demand Printing of Books and Manuals    Our own award-winning site, of course

Plumbers & Mechanical Contractors of Northern Illinois     For Association Members    Another award-winner, this time an intranet-extranet site.

Shahina Dance     Performer and Instructor of Middle Eastern Dance    A content-rich bellydance site? See for yourself!

Tristar Machinery Inc      Used Packaging and Processing Machinery    Search engine optimization by Copresco

Get 2 Know H2O     Science and Conservation Fun for Kids   Kids can learn, plus a complete science curriculum for teachers.


A subsite is an economical way to launch a site, then build it gradually.

Educate The Children International      Learning for the Poorest of the Poor    A great cause on a low budget

Jessica Pinkous, Photographer      Design by one of Copresco's talents    A graphically rich small business site

Chicago Belly Dancer  Middle Eastern dance Good example of an economical region-specific portal page

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