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New Name Continues To Raise Questions

   We continue to get questions regarding our new Copresco name. So we'll set aside our normally enticing FAQs about printer drivers and mechanical binding, and answer your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why Copresco? What in the world does it mean?
A. Literally it doesn't mean anything, like many of today's company names. Take Xerox, Exxon or Yahoo for example.
   When we started our business in 1987, Copies Overnight was a good name. It described our commitment to extremely fast turnaround. But, we haven't made a copy in a decade. Our regular customers know that we are a high-speed digital printer that produces laser-imaged books and manuals. Others people do not.
   Therefore, a name change was required.
   We decided to create a new name that embraces our digital on-demand printing technology-and allows us to maintain our "outside of the box" innovating spirit.
   The result is Copresco. Co from our previous name. Pres...a shortened version of press for our digital printing output. And, Co for company.

Q. Does this mean you now have conventional printing presses?
A. No. We have never been in the offset printing business, nor do we ever intend to be.
   Copresco uses Docutech and Docucolor systems. Although many people mistakenly refer to them as "copiers," they are actually sophisticated digital printing presses. No negatives or plates are used in the reproduction process.
   A complete digital stream is maintained from creation of the document through laser imaging. Even hard copy originals and paste-up artwork are converted to digital masters.
   Our mission remains the same: to be the premier supplier of digital on-demand printing of publications, books and manuals for general business, printing trade, technical and institutional clients.

Gets Good Marks

   All-in-all, we believe our new name works well. And, according to our feedback, so do our customers, suppliers and other members of the graphic arts community.

It's No Surprise...

    Copresco has been recognized as one of the top digital on-demand printers in the nation by Print On Demand Business magazine.
   We were the only printer in Illinois to be acknowledged in the magazine's top 10 rankings for total paid impressions and largest individual print runs.
   This should come as no surprise. Copresco specializes in large volume production runs, many jobs running in the millions of impressions. Regardless of size, we still offer Copresco's exclusive brand of exceptional quality and extremely fast turnaround.

250,000 Guaranteed

    To back up our claims, we guarantee that 250,000 impressions will be shipped the next business day for each of our customers, without rush charges.
   So when you need a big job in a hurry, call the company that has the skills, experience and firepower to meet your demands. Call Copresco.

Like Our New Format?

What do you think about Overnight Lite's new layout?
We developed the new format to make the newsletter easier for you to read. Please let us have your comments about Lite's look and editorial content. We also welcome your suggestions for future stories and your questions regarding digital technology and printing on-demand.
Just give us a call or drop us a fax or e-mail message.

UPS Rates Increase

It's February...and time for UPS' annual round of air and commercial ground rate increases.
No worries. Copresco uses a variety of shippers, including commercial trucking lines. We'll continue to find the best prices for all your shipments in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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