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Make the Right Binding Choice for Your Book

   Editor’s Note: Thanks to Dick Gorelick for sharing his thoughts on binding with us.
   Dick is president of consulting firm Gorelick and Associates, Inc. and Graphic Arts Sales Foundation.
   He is a nationally known writer and speaker in the areas of sales, marketing and management.

Perfect or Stitched?

   When asked about the decision to perfect bind or stitch a catalog or publication, Dick Gorelick says most salespeople will respond in terms of cost or number of pages.

Stitching Limitations

   The outer limits of stitching depend on the number of pages and the weight of the paper stock. Thick saddle bound books can become very cumbersome, bulky and awkward to handle.
   However, there is another variable that should also be considered: the permanence of the printed piece.

Kept or Tossed?

   Old copies of National Geographic, a perfect bound publication; are frequently found in garage sales, basements, and libraries.
   Smithsonian, a similar publication, is stitched; readers discard the magazine with impunity after reading it.

Permanence Important

   The binding can have great importance in the case of merchandise catalogs. Stitched catalogs tend to be discarded after an order is placed.
   On the other hand, adhesive bound catalogs denote permanence in our culture and, when retained, frequently generate additional orders.
   This factor should be considered, as well as cost, in selection of a binding style, Dick said.
   Dick’s opinions are the result of an actual study he did for a client firm.

A Stylish Finishing Solution

   Copresco’s perfect binding is a versatile and attractive binding method for digital press runs of several hundred paperback books, manuals, directories, reference guides and other publications.
   Other advantages include wraparound covers that provide longevity benefits and printable spines.

Don’t Be Spineless

   Though not required, copy on the spine makes your book stand out on a bookshelf for quick identification and easy retrieval.
   Saddle bound publications just disappear when put on the shelf, and so, to a lesser degree, do coil bound books and manuals.

Cover Style Choices

   Cover options range from an index stock printed in black to full–bleed, full–color process jobs. Perfect bound covers may also be coated or laminated to add further class and durability to your finished product.

Through Thick and Thin

   Copresco produces adhesive bound books up to 2” thick (1,000 pages on a 50# offset sheet).
   We can also do paperback books as thin as 1/8” of an inch or less. You may never want to use tape or saddle binding again.

Pay Less for More

   Dick Gorelick concludes that perfect binding is worth paying more for. You will find that most printers and binders charge extra for the privilege.
   That’s not the general rule here at Copresco.
   We’re just so darn good that our typical digital on–demand books, catalogs, product manuals and directories often cost less to perfect bind than saddle bind.
   That’s because Copresco has all the technical skills, tools and experience to produce your masterpiece with professional ease.

Call Us Today

   So, think about the many benefits you’ll derive from perfect binding.
   Then, call the company that offers you the on-demand digital printing quality, economy and extra service you deserve.
   Call Copresco.

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