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When Your Message Is Important Enough to Read

   There’s so much hubbub around about digital media that you may ask: Why print at all?
   The answer is simple: If you have something important enough to read, it is worth printing.
   Studies reveal that there is still a huge demand for print for audiences of all ages.

Consider the Facts

   Print stands on its own. Americans are still reading books, and authors are still publishing and self-publishing.
   Students, regardless of their gender or computer skills, overwhelmingly prefer printed textbooks to digital media.

Nielsen Results

   A Nielsen survey found that despite teens’ tech–savvy reputation, these young readers continue to express a preference for print.
   Children who have embraced digital media understand the worth of a printed book.
   According to the Nielsen report, “The generation known for staying digitally connected at all times prefers to buy and read physical books over digital ones.”

Forget Online Reading

   "Ebooks are just not user–friendly. Streaming movies and playing video games is easy, but reading a book online is not," Nielsen says.
   Reading from a screen inhibits your reading comprehension. It’s harder to remember what you’ve read after you are finished.

Better Learning Experience

   School districts are feeling pressure to make textbooks go away, but students are crying for printed books.
   While iPads, tablets or e–readers are perceived as “cutting edge” technology, research shows that many students actually learn better through the print medium.

Smartphones Not the Answer

   Experts urge adults and children to get away from the quick–fire virtual world of smartphones and the internet.
   We are encouraged to read books that challenge our emotions and imagination and reinforce our sense of self.

Develop the Senses

   Brain scans at the University of Washington show that reading print on paper leaves us with new neural pathways and evolve our senses.
   Avid readers say: “I react better to what’s on paper. It’s more credible and legitimate.”
   "You can buy new or used books and share or loan them to friends.”
   "Flipping pages in a book is much more enjoyable than swiping fingers over a screen. I love the feel, smell and texture of books.”

Trading Pixels for Paper

   According to Nielsen BookScan, the Association of American Publishers and other bookindustry reporting, there was an increase in printed books in 2014.
   Ebook sales in the U.S. declined by six percent in 2014 compared to the year before, according to justreleased Nielsen statistics.
   A new Nielsen Books & Consumer survey shows that printed books are outselling ebooks by a healthy 2:1 margin.

Bright Future

   Looking forward, the overall volume of digitally printed books is forecast to increase 15.2 percent annually through 2019, according to a recent digital book printing study by Interquest, a market and technology research firm.

Best of Show

   "Print is the high end of any product. True not everything is printed anymore. Only the best, the finest, the most important, the most popular make it onto press,” says Copresco President and CEO Steve Johnson.

Printing OnDemand

   Publishers want fast turnaround and less waste and inventory, and lower fixed costs.
   The print–to–order capability of printing ondemand cuts out lengthy supply chains. Added benefits are the ability to personalize editions and quickly make various versions.


   “As press runs become shorter, books become more of a specialty item, not a commodity,” Steve added. “People need to have a reason to print and need to be interested in value. Otherwise, they could just do an ebook, a PDF or email.”

Packs More Impact

   Whether your work is a textbook, novel, cookbook, catalog, annual report or a collection of poetry, a printed piece will have a far better impact on your audience and leave a more lasting impression.

Be a Leader

   In today’s world of email, Facebook, and LinkedIn overload, print is the best way to stand out as an established professional leader in your field.
   So, take a big step in the right direction. Call Copresco. We will put your important message into the most important medium: Print!

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