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Word spreading about oblong sheets...

Endless Possibilities for 27 1/2" Long Projects

   "Hi," said the caller to Copresco's production department. "I was excited to read about the wide-format capabilities of your new digital press. I need some 11"×25½" six-page full color brochures. I'm in Alabama, but the brochures need to be in California tomorrow. Can Copresco do it?"

Can Do

   We certainly can. Word is spreading about the most recent addition to our menu of services: our latest digital color digital press prints sheet sizes up to 27½" long.
   Six-page brochures like the piece needed by our southern caller are just one example of larger-format material that we can print in our fast digital print-on-demand workflow.

Expanded Opportunities

   Digital printing of dust jackets and wraparound covers for album-style books expand the possibilities for your books, manuals, and publications.

Limitless Horizons

   Other applications for the oversize oblong sheet format include flyers, banners, diagrams, and infographics.
   The potential for using longer pages for your projects are really limited only by your budget and your imagination.

One Creative Piece

   Here's one great example of creative design that combines the use of extra-long pages with other Copresco digital printing specialties.

Oblong book with 27-1/2" fold-out pages.

Stylish Design

   What could have been a dull catalog of statistics was instead designed in a popular infographic style presentation to bring facts and figures about consumer habits to life for the client, a national beverage conglomerate.

Beautifully Done

   Charts, statistics, product details and motivational ideas are creatively presented in a beautiful 156-page 11" x 81/2" oblong piece.
   Features include heavy color coverage, screens, tints and laser-sharp type reverses and 22" fold-out pages.
   Sparkling photos and graphics add visual impact to the descriptive text.

Reference Aid

   A bank of seven laminated tab dividers provides quick access to the various sections.

Where to Call...

   So, when you need help with books and publications of all sizes, call the digital on demand leader. Call Copresco.

Sky's the Limit

   Copresco President Steve Johnson shows off a custom-designed 22" long double gate-folded wedding invitation.

Steve Johnson holding 22" long printed piece.

   The invitation was printed on a felt finish cover stock. The long length, complex fold, and use of textured paper were not feasible using the digital printing process only a few years ago. (Photos by Jessica Pinkous)

Great Expectations

   Not Copresco's normal fare, but another good example of the interesting designs that are now possible.

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