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Hot News From Our Digital Book Printing Plant

   Editor’s Note: This has been an exceedingly hot and busy summer at our book manufacturing plant.
   Following is a roundup of news items and headline-making events to keep you up-to date with Copresco’s client services, all of which could affect you in one way or another.

New Phone System

   Copresco switched over to a new telephone system in July. The new phones have many features including faster message notification and direct dial to your favorite Copresco contact.
   You might think that a company that loves to employ new technologywould be enjoying this, but frankly, using the new phone system has had its moments of frustration. We’re still getting used to it, and we ask your help and patience while we do so.

Let Us Know...

   If you have any trouble at all, please let us know immediately! It is crucial to us that your communication with Copresco be smooth, immediate, and painless.
   If we disconnect you, we beg your pardon. We do want to talk. We just need some practice with pushing the right buttons!
   If you have any suggestions, let us know. Too many rings? Too quick into voice mail? The programing options for our new system are almost unlimited, and we value your input. Send us an email or, us.

Bindery Expansion

   Copresco’s bindery is sporting a new Plockmatic BK5012 booklet maker that gives us increased production capacity for your saddle bound books, calendars and publications.

A Good Choice

   Saddle binding provides clients with a fast, cost-effective way to bind booklets, brochures and small catalogs. It is a good choice for relatively thin booklets with as few as eight pages (two signatures) and as many as 60 pages.

Older and Wiser

   Copresco was honored as one of the oldest companies in the suburban region on the Business Anniversaries list published by the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

Founded in 1987

   President Steve Johnson—who believed that the future of printing was in digital technology—cofounded our company in 1987.

Tech Leadership

   Steve formed an organization specializing in the overnight printing of books and publications and has been the pioneer of digital technology and on-demand printing.
   “We were one of the very first companies anywhere to use digital imaging technology for book manufacturing, ”Steve says.

Can’t Be Matched

   “Our clients get the best of both worlds. With a journeyman staff averaging a dozen years with our company, no one in our field can offer more skill and experience, combined with the latest, most proven technology.”

30th Birthday

   “We’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary next year, but walking through our Chicago area plant you’d never guess that Copresco is any more than a few years old.”

TechTopics Wins STC Award

   Copresco has won an award for exceptional technical writing from the Society for Technical Communication.We were honored for our TechTopicsNo. 12 bulletin, “How to Avoid Costly Proofreading Blunders. ”The technical bulletin has also received an APEX Award of Excellence for graphic design, editorial content and overall communications effectiveness.

Color Perfection

   Copresco has added another step to our quality control procedure that ensures the accuracy and consistent results for all of your digital color projects.
   CMYK test targets are now being scanned automatically on our new X-Rite iO Scanning Table for more accurate calibration.

Right on the Money

   The color management process uses specialized software to control image quality in applications where objective color accuracy is a must.

Call Us Today...

   So, when you have a black & white technical bulletin or a spiffy full color brochure ready to print, make sure that you call the digital on-demand printing leader. Call Copresco.

Labor Day

   Copresco will be closed on Monday, September 5 for Labor Day. Enjoy a relaxing holiday and the last weekend of summer with family and friends.

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