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Thanks again Old St. Nick...

For Helping Us Take Digital Printing to New Heights.

   Once again, the jolly old elf dropped off a bag full of valuable presents for Copresco and our clients.

A Real Big One

   The first and biggest package we unwrapped was a shiny new Ricoh Pro C9100 digital color press, one of the first to be installed in this country.

Power Packed

   This advanced press, supported by our extensive technical skills, combines the exceptional production power and superb image quality that is keeping Copresco on the forefront of on-demand color printing.

Major Industry News

   Word spread rapidly through the graphic communications industry that Copresco is now printing sheets up to 27 1/2" long, a major achievement for high-volume printing. These oblong sheets are perfect for your book covers, dust jackets and sixpage brochures.

John Ruder checks a 27 1/2" long digital color project. (Photo by Jessica Pinkous)

Limitless Horizons

   Digital printing of dust jackets and wraparound covers for album-style books further expand the possibilities for your books and publications.
   Other applications for this oversize oblong sheet format include flyers, banners, diagrams, and infographics.
   The potential for using longer pages for your projects is really limited only by your budget and your imagination.

Bindery Expansion

   It takes more than just our fleet of six digital presses to consistently meet Copresco's overnight delivery promise.
   So, we expanded our bindery with a new booklet maker that gives us more added muscle for the production of your saddle bound books, calendars and publications. Saddle binding is also a good choice for thin booklets, brochures and small catalogs.

An Old Timer

   Copresco was recognized as one of the oldest companies in the suburban region on a Business Anniversaries list published by the Daily Herald Business Ledger.
   Speaking of Copresco's lengthy business history, check out the "A Revolutionary Idea" story below about the beginning of our 30th anniversary celebration.

Many Thanks

   As Copresco concludes a busy and gratifying year, we thank you again for your support and the opportunity to work with you in a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Happy Holidays

   All of us at Copresco wish you and yours a happy holiday season and look forward to sharing a prosperous 2017 with you.

A Revolutionary Idea

   When Copresco opened for business in a one-room Wheaton office in 1987, there was no email, iPhones or Android devices.
   Desktop publishing was just in its infancy. Offset printing was king.
   Large printers running huge four-color jobs made the headlines in the graphic arts media.

A Digital Future

   Steve Johnson had a much better idea. He believed that the future for printing was in digital technology and printing on-demand.
   Steve formed an organization called Copies Overnight, specializing in the exceptionally fast turnaround of books and publications.
   In future Overnight Lite issues, we will tell you how this revolutionary idea took hold and made Copresco the King of the Hill in digital printing.

Our Holiday Plans

   Copresco will be closed on Monday, December 26 for Christmas and on Monday, January 2 for the New Year's Day holiday.

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