Johnson’s World monthly column…

Now Featured in Printing Impressions Magazine

"Johnson’s World," a column by Copresco President Steve Johnson, is now a monthly feature of Printing Impressions magazine.

High Praise

"I’m honored that Steve Johnson and his award-winning 'Johnson's World' column is now appearing in every issue of Printing Impressions," says Mark Michelson, editor-in-chief of the international trade magazine.

"Aside from his keen wit and humor, Steve brings the first-hand experiences and unique perspective of a successful printing executive into the topics that he writes about.

“And he’s also a visionary, as exemplified by his early industry adoption of digital printing—long before it became a mainstream technology.”

Hard to Believe

“Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I’ve been working in the printing business this long, having started out making plates some 40 years ago,” Steve says.

“It is equally amazing to me that Copresco, my digital printing business, is celebrating 30 years of operation. I’m mildly startled to realize that this is my 14th year of writing ‘Johnson’s World’ for you each month,” Steve related in his first Printing Impressions column.

No Surprise

"One thing that comes as no surprise at all is that 'Johnson’s World' column is now appearing in every issue of Printing Impressions," says Mark Michelson, editor-in-chief of the international trade magazine. of Printing Impressions, the foremost magazine of the graphics arts industry,” Steve explained.

“It was bound to happen, some would say inevitable. An award-winning column in an award-winning magazine, and I’m pleased as punch to be here.”

Prominent Position

The column is featured in Printing Impressions in the prominent back page position that Steve has maintained for so many years.

"Johnson's World," has been published for the past 14 years in American Printing, Quick Printing and Printing News magazines.

Multiple Awards

The column has won four APEX Awards for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts, Inc.

Steve has also been recognized for exceptional technical writing from the Society for Technical Communication.

He has been published in the journals of the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation World, Printing Industries of America Technology Forecast, and Inland Press Association Inlander.

What This Means to You

As an industry leader and business innovator, Steve has built a team of like-minded men and women at Copresco who share the same commitment to digital printing excellence.

So, when you need help with a book or publication, call the company that has the staff and quality service that you deserve. Call Copresco.

Narrowing the Generation Gap

Each fall for the past 20 years pro- fessors at Beloit College publish a Mindset List for students entering college. The list serves as the basis for intergenerational discussions.

“This year’s class of 2021 can’t remember when a ‘phone’ wasn’t a video game and research library.

“They’ve never read a Peanuts strip that wasn’t a repeat and have always been searching for Pokemon. Ask them about the whine of a dial-up modem and you’ll get a blank stare.”

Visit the Beloit website for the complete 60-item Mindset List.

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