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Helping Others

This page was originally added to Copresco's website in the wake of the 9/11 disaster. The original links (many of which are still displayed toward the bottom of this page) related specifically to the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorists attacks. This page has been very popular. We believe this is due to people's inherently generous and caring nature. We have therefore elected to leave this page posted, and to update it from time to time with links to many organizations.

Some things never change. Four years after 9/11/01 the same organizations have again mobilized to provide humanitarian aide in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The banners for the Salvation Army and the Red Cross at the bottom of this page are the original graphics circa 2001, but they link to today's websites with specifics regarding hurricane relief efforts.

Some of the organizations listed below are well known. Many are not. All purport to work for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Below is the original site from September 2001:

9-11 Relief Donation Links

The devastating events of September 11 have spurred many to volunteer time, money and more to help those impacted by the tragedy, and those worse off than ourselves.

The world wide web provides an excellent reference for anyone wishing to offer assistance. Below are banners which link to the most popular organizations for 911 relief:

Below are links to some lesser known organizations. These offer unconventional ways to help:

Only $1 per person is requested for The Fund for Afghan Children:

A scholarship fund for victims' families:

A site sponsored by our federal government
acts as a portal to connect you with other relief sites:

These links are provided as a public service. Copresco does not necessarily endorse any specific charity. Please give thoughtfully.