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Looking for something? These search sites will do the trick for you. This is not meant to be a vast collection of search engines, just a list of a few that work very well. Some sites may be conspicuous by their absence; you can draw your own conclusions about our opinion of their effectiveness.

The list below includes general search engines, designed to find anything about everything on the internet. These make a good starting point for your research. Be prepared to wade through an awful lot of extraneous data.


This highly effective search engine is uncannily accurate over a wide variety of searches. But did you know that it can also return results as Elmer Fudd would present them?


One of the web's oldest directories, the pure search function updated several years ago is an excellent compliment to Google searches.


Another "future" technology, Vivisimo uses its clustering technology to manage results by presenting subfolders for focused categories..

Metasearches can speed things up by submitting your search query to multiple search engines.


Probably the best known of the meta-search sites.

Mamma often provides different (sometimes really different!) results than other metasearches, because it even searches other metasearch engines.

Specialized searches can often do a better job of finding info in a particular area of interest. Listed here are sites that specialize in topics which may be of interest to Copresco customers.

Journalist's Toolbox

This site for journalists & researchers finds links to sites germane to current events.

Wayback Machine

This interesting archive stores web pages. Looking for a site that no longer exists? Like searching in a used bookstore, you can use this site to find "out-of-print" web pages.


Delphion Research gives you access to patent data from 70 patent offices worldwide.

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