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Inoculate Your Computer to Fight Deadly Viruses

   Talk about political connections. Copresco president Steve Johnson last month received an unexpected present from Illinois State Senator Peter Roskam—a computer virus.
   Steve, of course, was the unintended victim of the virus that had infected the senator’s computer. That’s the way of viruses. They travel fast—and attack without warning.

No Problem Here

   While “B-Trans” was wreaking havoc with thousands of computers, it was automatically destroyed before reaching Steve’s workstation by Copresco’s leading edge virus protection system. Copresco follows a strict regimen to protect our digital network and client files.
   We update our protection daily to prevent the latest viruses from causing serious harm. We also carefully check all customer files received over the Internet or on removable media.
   According to the experts, tens of thousands of viruses and worms are in existence today.

How Viruses Attack

   By definition, a virus is a program or piece of code that’s sent to your computer without your knowledge and runs without your consent. Many viruses can also replicate themselves.
   Computer viruses are manmade. Even a simple virus is dangerous. It can use up your memory and crash your system. A more dangerous type is a virus that spreads across networks and bypasses security systems.

Incognito Arrivals

   Viruses go back to the floppy disk era of files transfer. Today, they can be spread via e-mail, internet downloads or removable media. They can pose as informative messages or masquerade as screensavers.
   Regardless of the means of transmission or their modus operandi, these villains cost businesses millions of dollars each year, not to mention the frustration and anxiety of losing data and corrupting files.

Cross-Platform Woes

   In recent years, viruses that attack Microsoft products have received the lion’s share of attention. That’s simply because the Windows operating system and Microsoft suite of applications are the most popular in the world.
   Hackers can attack anywhere at any time. Therefore, thoughtful antivirus protection is required for all your company’s PC, Mac or other computer platforms.
   Who would have guessed that Copresco would be running seven different operating systems on our network? So, remember to protect your network servers and all of your workstations.

What to Do

   Viruses are deadly, but they can be contained. As we have continued to preach, the first line of defense is to install an antivirus protection program and update it regularly.
   We also have more ammunition to help you in the crusade.
   In our March issue, we will present Copresco’s Ten Commandments for Fighting Deadly Viruses.

These links will take you to the home pages of the major antivirus players.

The most popular Mac protection site, but also for PC and even Palm:

Most popular Windows site, but filled with annoying advertising:

Another informative site, offering a product that supports all platforms:

   Please note: Copresco doesn’t endorse any product. We do strongly recommend that you “choose and use” a virus protection program now.

Welcome Aboard Barry

   Barry Butler has joined Copresco as a sale representative.
   He has extensive experience in the technical publishing, software develop-ment, training and technical products manufacturing fields.
   Barry previously served in sales with Ikon Document Services and Beta Graphics Corporation.
   He is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S. degree in business administration.

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