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Employee Handbooks—Another Copresco Forte

   Effective employee communication is a must in today's hectic business climate.
   Whether you're a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 firm, your employees need to understand their benefits and your personnel policies.

Books and Manuals

   Employee handbooks and policy manuals are important tools to help you accomplish these goals.
   Copresco's digital on-demand printing offers you the capability to disseminate information fast and make necessary changes quickly and economically.

Saddle Stitched Booklets

   Saddle stitched booklets are a popular method of communicating employee benefit plan information and company policies and procedures.
   Standard sizes are 51/2" x 81/2" or 81/2" x 11". Copresco also offers a wide range of paper stocks and colors to highlight individual sections.
   Although Copresco's short-run digital capabilities make reprinting easy, saddle stitching is best suited for documents that do not require frequent updating or revisions.

Looseleaf Bound Books

   The looseleaf ring binder format provides maximum flexibility for handbooks and manuals.
   Typical employee handbooks contain individual sections that describe the companys health care, life insurance, disability insurance and retirement plans.
   A general facts section is often included to explain how the benefit plans work and how employees can apply for their benefits.
   To make the communications package complete, an employee policy manual section may be incorporated.

Looseleaf Benefits

   Individual pages—rather than complete sections—can be added, deleted or reprinted and distributed whenever the need arises.
   Ring binders protect the contents better than any other binding method.

Don't Forget the Tabs

   Index tab dividers organize the handbook and provide a professional touch. Mylar binding of the edges and the index tab adds strength.
   Color coding the tabs makes it easier to find specific sections.
   Copresco offers complete services for the production of ring bound books including imprinting and inserting tabs inline as the document is reproduced.
   A variety of paper stocks, weights and colors is available to enhance the complete presentation.

Finishing Up

   Finished sets can then be drilled, inserted into the binders and shrink-wrapped for easy handling and shipping.
   Black & white may be the general rule for saddle stitched and looseleaf ring bound employee handbooks and manuals, but Copresco can also print digital color documents to increase your overall visual impact.

Helpful Hints

   For a quick lesson on the many benefits of looseleaf ring binding, take a look at the October 2005 issue of Overnight Lite.
   For a technical treatise on index tab dividers, refer to TechTopics No. 5. Both issues of the publications are available on the Copresco website.
   Then, when you need employee handbooks, policy manuals or other important documents, call the company that has all the technical digital tools and skills to meet your special needs.
   Call Copresco.

Una Buena Solución

   The Human Resources Department of a St. Louis concrete construction company calls its ad agency at 9 a.m. with a major question.
   "How can we get 150 copies of our employee policy manual printed in Spanish in six days?"
   "We have a translated copy but are worried about any changes that may occur when the text is transported into a layout program to make the booklets."

A Fast Solution

   A call to Copresco quickly solves the problem. We ask the agency to create a print quality PDF from the Word file and design a separate cover.
   A production proof of the 28-page saddle stitched booklet is then prepared. And, Presto. You have the Manual Del Empleado De Campo.

Time and Money Savings

   The client approves the job after comparing our production proof with the original text document.
   Copies of the 81/2" x 11" piece are digitally printed and delivered on time—and at a significant savings in time and money.
   Copresco doesn't usually promote Microsoft Word as a page layout program. QuarkXPress, InDesign and FrameMaker are much better choices for the design of books and manuals.
   The Spanish policy manual, however, is an example of a creative solution to a tricky problem.
   For details on the preparation of PDF files for print, check out the August and September 2004 and January and March 2005 issues of Overnight Lite.

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