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Copresco Begins 20th Year of Digital Leadership

   As Copresco enters our 20th- anniversary year, we’ll review our illustrious past, while looking at the bright future ahead for our customers.
   Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson leads it off with answers to frequently asked questions.
   Q. Just what are Copresco’s plans for the future?
   A. Copresco will continue to serve as the national leader in digital technology and print on-demand.
   When I founded Copresco in 1987, no one would have guessed that a company with a single machine and a one-room office would rise to the top of a completely new industry.

Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson talks about the futre.

The Dawn of the Digital Age

   Then, Copresco startled the industry by reengineering and transforming the docutech into an actual digital press.
   But, we have moved light years away from the docutech, which is now a museum piece. We’re amazed that it’s still being used by some firms in the industry.

The Quickening Pace

   Q. What about new product development? Is there anything new on the horizon?
   A. Copresco will stay on the cutting edge of digital printing technology by constantly pushing the envelope to improve printing quality, speed and accuracy in an everchanging marketplace.
   The pace will quicken in the future—and our customers will be the beneficiaries.

Defending Our Title

   Q. You’re speaking in generalities. Anybody can claim to be the “digital leader.” What are you doing to defend your title?
   A. Okay, here’s the inside scoop.
   Within a few months, Copresco will be rolling out online PDF print-ready file creation.

PDFs on the Fly

   Clients who aren’t comfortable with creating print-ready PDF files by themselves will be able to upload their native files to Copresco and have them distilled into ready-for-print PDFs as part of the upload process.
   This service will be as easy as sending native files, like Quark, Word, InDesign or Publisher. Easier, in fact.
   Q. This will really be ready in just a few months?
   A. It’s ready now. We just want to spend a little more time testing before we turn it loose. If you want to be part of the beta testing, just contact us.

What Else Is New?

   Q. Sounds great, but that’s only one thing. What else?
   A. As part of the development of the “one-shot” submission system I just mentioned, we are also working on automated online “soft” proofing.
   This means that books, manuals and other print work can be viewed for accuracy on your computer screen after files are submitted to Copresco.
   We don’t plan to use this system to proof color fidelity (yet), but it already works to verify pagination, text flow and font accuracy.
   Q. Do these things really count as improvements in digital print?
   A. Of course they do. Right now, Copresco’s quality is top of the line. We’re still best known for meeting impossible deadlines.
   The weak link for all digital printers is getting the print files, making them work and then finally obtaining the client’s approval.
   Digital leadership means that Copresco is closing the loop by speeding up all facets of production.

What About the Cost?

   Q. Will clients pay more for this enhanced service?
   A. For 20 years, our slogan has been “no rush charges.” In fact, creating print-ready PDF files “on the fly” should mean fewer pre-press charges. And on-line proofing reduces the use of costly messengers.

More Savings to Come

   Speaking of cost savings, 2007 will also see the culmination of the tweaking we’ve been doing on our perfect binding line.
   I won’t bore you with details, but you are going to see lower “per-book” costs on adhesive bound books and manuals, especially on shorter runs.
   So, when you need books and manuals, call the company that has the service and digital skills you need.
   Call Copresco.

   Steve Johnson has acquired all the outstanding shares of Copresco and and is now the sole owner of the company.
   He will continue to serve as our president and chief executive officer, as he has since Copresco’s inception 20 years ago.

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