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Short-Run Annual Report Wins Big-Time Prize

   When most people think about annual reports, they visualize glitzy big-budget productions filled with scores of photos and graphics, with print runs in the tens of thousand and major league budgets to match.

How About This?

   What if you must produce a short - run annual report that communicates important information for a governmental agency with a tight budget and a mandatory reporting deadline?
   This was the problem that graphic designer Lynn Winston faced for her client, the Illinois African-American Family Commission (IAAFC).

A Quick Solution

   The best solution was digital color printing by Copresco.
   The result was a piece that met all of the client project criteria—and won an Achievement in Print Excellence Award from the Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association.

Sharing the Glory

   Copresco shared the award with Lynn, president of Powell Graphics & Communications, Inc. and the IAAFC.
   Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson presented commemorative award plaques to Lynn and Terry Solomon, executive director, and Joe Gray, deputy director of finance, information & administration, of the Commission.

(photo to come)
Joe Gray, Lynn Winston and Terry Solomon join Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson for the AIPX award presentation.

Statewide Mission

   IAAFC was established in 2004 to assist various Illinois state agencies in improving and expanding existing human services, educational and community development programs for African-Americans.
   Each year, the Chicago-based Commission is required to submit a fiscal year report to the governor of Illinois and members of the Illinois General Assembly.
   The report, which looked back on 2005, focused on the Commission's efforts to understand families involved in several systems including child welfare and criminal justice.

Meeting the Specs

   The 81/2" x 11" saddle stitched report featured a full color bleed photo on the four-page separate cover. The 24-page body was designed with full bleeds and four-color on each page.
   Lynn also used full tint and blend effects on the cover and throughout the inside of the report.
   She provided Copresco with pressquality PDFs, which were imposed into four-page signatures for printing.

The Obvious Choice

   The short run, combined with the tight deadline, made digital printing the optimum choice.
   Strict quality requirements for hairline registration on the fold and no cracking created a digital challenge but added to the overall appeal of the high-quality, award-winning piece.

The Highest Standards

   The AIPX program promotes excellence in print communications and recognizes firms that demonstrate the highest quality standards of the printing industry.
   Since the program began in 2003, Copresco has won nine achievement awards including four Best of Category Pinnacle awards.

How About You?

   So, when you need books and manuals, a short-run annual report or similar job, call the company that gives you the quality, service and technical support you deserve.
   Call Copresco. Your next job may be a prize winner.

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