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Copresco Produces an Archaeological Treasure

   When the subject of archaeology comes up in general conversation, many folks will probably think about Harrison Ford’s hair-raising exploits as Indiana Jones.
   They may see the renowned archaeologist and master of the bullwhip scouring the globe for treasures like the mystical lost Ark of the Covenant or the mysterious Crystal Skull of Akator.

The Real World

   Indy’s daring exploits hardly portray the dedication and exceptional skills of real life archaeologists who spend years studying human history by excavating sites and analyzing the artifacts they find.

Simply Amazing

   The work at Salmon Ruins, New Mexico, is a prime example of these painstaking efforts. For over 35 years, teams of archaeologists have been working at the 250room Chacoan Anasazi pueblo that has produced an amazing collection of over 1.5 million artifacts and samples.

Scholarly Stuff

   The project also brought together 36 authors who documented the decades of research at Salmon Ruins.
   The result was a three volume report containing architecture, chronology, ceramics studies, archaeobotanical and other analytical studies. The scholarly report is a joint publication of the Center for Desert Archaeology and the Salmon Ruins Museum.

A Textbook Example

   Producing the massive report proved to be a textbook case history for printing on demand and another example of Copresco’s ability to handle jobs that others wouldn’t think of touching.

Easy Pickings?

   A quick look at the specs may not show anything out of the ordinary.
   Print a 1,270-page, three-volume black & white archaeology report.
   No sweat for a conventional printer, right?

The Plot Thickens

   Add hundreds of black & white and color photos that must be interspersed with drawings, charts and tables.
   The competition wavers.

Even More Demands

   Demand critical illustration detail for halftone and four color images due to the technical nature of the graphics.
   Specify that color illustrations be integrated into the required locations within the single color book.
   Potential bidders begin to drop by the wayside.

Here’s the Kicker

   Specify a total print run of 700 books split across three runs—and produce the complex job on a nonprofit academic budget.

Game’s Over

   The clear winner: Copresco’s 100% digital on demand production.
   Fact is, most conventional printers wouldn’t even quote a job like this. Yet, it runs flawlessly through our shop.
   The client provided meticulously prepared PDF files that were “color split” by Copresco’s production department so that specified process color images could be printed on our digital color press.

Final Touches

   Full color covers, printed by Copresco, were then laminated to improve the professional appearance and durability of the three reports.
   The final volumes were perfect bound with imprinted spines for easy referencing on bookshelves and drop shipped to multiple locations.

Whatever You Need

   Whether you need a multicolored archaeological treasure or a short run book or manual—call the company that has all the professional tools to produce your masterpiece with professional ease.
   Call Copresco.

Independence Day

   Copresco will be closed Friday, July 4th, for Independence Day.
   Have a super summer weekend.

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