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For Solving a Fundraiser Production Dilemma

   Finding a printer for a 12-page fundraising program book with a four-color cover and eight-page black & white body should be a cinch.
   Just take it to Kinko’s or OfficeMax, right? No way—there’s a lot more to it than that.
   Especially when you’re dealing with a project with a host of last-minute copy and artwork revisions, a tight delivery deadline and print quantities that change each day.

A Cost Factor

   Add budgetary restrictions for a charitable organization to the mix, and you have the dilemma facing the Rotary Club of Elmhurst.
   The club was hosting a benefit to raise funds for its community and humanitarian service programs.

Classy Four-Color Work

   The program book featured a full-color, full-bleed cover with artwork depicting the theme: “Spotlight on Rotary: Dancin’ with the Stars.”
   The body contained information about the evening’s activities, details of the club’s service projects, a page recognizing sponsors and contributors as well as a listing of the charitable organizations that the club supports.

The Best Choice

   The project—originally planned for offset printing—didn’t work out due to the fast-approaching deadline and the cost factors. So, the planning committee determined that Copresco’s digital on-demand printing was the best solution to meet deadline, budget and quality requirements.

Quick Change Artistry

   The ability to make changes quickly played a major role in the production of the program.
   PDFs of the job were prepared by graphic designer Paul Wcisel and up-loaded to the Copresco website.
   However, in double-checking the PDFs, the program committee chair found a mistake that had been made on an original Word file.
   Copresco’s production staff quickly corrected the mistake, and a dummy of the book was prepared for approval.

Not Quite Ready

   A critical mistake was then found while checking the printer’s proof—the name of an important charity that the club supports was missing.
   Another fast correction was made on the spot in the Copresco plant, and the job was okayed for production.
   Then 250 copies of the book were printed, saddle stitched and shipped within 48 hours—two days ahead of the delivery schedule.

Another Prime Example

   “It’s a tough assignment for a busy volunteer to meet a deadline like this while working under pressure. It’s human nature for service organization members to wait until the last minute to make reservations and meet copy deadlines,” says Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson.
   “In some cases, delays may actually be beneficial to an organization. In a digital workflow, last-minute changes can be easily accommodated without the high cost of making corrections for offset printed jobs.”

Doing It Right

   “For Copresco, it’s what we do every day. Produce high-quality digital work on extremely tight time schedules at competitive prices,” Steve added.
   “Short-run jobs like this are often misplaced with conventional printers that can’t compete due to time frames and cost restrictions. But, they make perfect case-study examples for digital on-demand.”

The Place to Call

   So, when you need a program for your fundraiser, or books or manuals for a major project, call the digital technology leader. Call Copresco.

Lite’s 20th Anniversary

   Copresco believes in the power of the printed word. That’s why we have designed, produced and mailed Overnight Lite first-class for nearly two decades.
   We celebrate the 20th anniversary of publishing the newsletter in August.

Our Mission

   Our main goal has always been to combine tasteful humor with helpful information and industry news.
   Since the dawn of the information age, we have been committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest advances in digital technology and printing on-demand. Last month’s PDF-X story is a good example.

Added Color Appeal

   Originally a black & white piece, Lite’s first venture into color was in 1997. We began publishing in full color monthly in 2002.

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