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Just How Important Is On-Time Delivery to You?

   How important is your printing project? Is it important enough to be delivered right on time?
   Copresco has built an enviable reputation for fast, accurate, on-time delivery of your books, manuals and related materials.

Etched in Stone

   “The date promised is the date delivered. No waffling,” says Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson.

What a Slip

   A few years ago, a job applicant whom Steve was interviewing let the philosophy of her former employer slip out. “If a customer brings us a job in the late afternoon, we’re not going to let them ruin our evening,” she casually told me. “They’ll just have to wait.”
   To make matters worse, she endorsed the whole idea.


   “I don’t know who was more shocked, me, when I listened in disbelief to her anti-customer attitude, or the applicant, when I informed her that I saw no reason to continue the interview and promptly escorted her out of my office,” Steve explained.

Better Be There

   At Copresco, we know that the textbooks, workbooks and manuals had better be printed, bound and stacked on the bookstore shelves before the school semester begins.
   When there’s a business conference, seminar, convention or a professional meeting convened, the attendees must have all of their program materials and supporting documents on hand.
   “Only a day late” just won’t cut it, especially if your meeting is only one day long.

All That’s Needed

   Copresco has all the equipment, the staff, the systems and the dedication to complete your projects on time.
   This Copies Overnight heritage is backed up by our award–winning digital printing craftsmanship and a full range of bindery services.

Easy Fixes

   The ability of our production staff to make timely revisions with ease is another of the many advantages of our digital on–demand services.
   Press runs in the hundreds, or even less, eliminate inventory needs and warehousing costs.
   Significant savings are also achieved by eliminating waste and obsolescence.

Fast Moving

   Sending files to our safe and secure website assures prompt attention from our production staff. A return e–mail message confirms that your project is in our hands.

More to the Story

   We know that on time delivery is more than just printing and binding. It means getting your work to the right place at the right time. And, we don’t think there’s a printer in the business that knows more about shipping and distribution than we do.
   Whether your books, manuals or training materials are going to be delivered down the street or to the other side of the world, Copresco gets them there when they’re needed.

Dotting the I’s

   Whether your job needs to be sent to one location or several hundred destinations, we’ll get it there, intact and right on schedule.
   Let’s not forget proper labeling, so that your printed materials aren’t lost at their destination.
   You can count on Copresco to take care of the things that others often overlook.

Be Sure to Call

   So, when you need short run, black & white and color printing, call the company that delivers great digital quality with fast, on–time delivery.
   Call Copresco.

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