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The family photobook memoir...

A Prized Heirloom to Pass On for Generations

   The holidays are a perfect time to gather information and photos for a family memoir.
   As a professional communicator, you have all the tools needed to put together a creative piece to memorialize your family’s history, special occasions and cherished traditions.
   You might also want to include a selection of Aunt Jennifer’s and Uncle Fred’s favorite recipes.

Family Togetherness

   This is a project that can involve your whole family. Start by making assignments for interviews with the relatives. Grandparents are a wonderful source of stories about the Good Old Days. The kids can chip in by looking for photos and other memorabilia.

Production Time

   After a narrative is completed, copy, photos and other graphics can be put into a page format. There’s plenty of design and layout software available.
   One of the youngsters in the family may already be a whiz on the computer and would enjoy this assignment.

Call for Copresco

   With Copresco’s black & white and color digital workflow, there’s no need to worry about making multiplepage signatures. Photo pages can be mixed with text pages, and the color pages inserted where they work best.
   We will then take your project from the layout stage and transform it into a handsome, finished product.

Short–Run Advantages

   With Copresco’s short–run on–demand services, you print only the number of copies you need. A wide variety of matte and gloss paper stocks in various weights are available.

Binding Choices

   Binding options range from saddle stitching to case bound volumes.
   Perfect binding is an increasingly popular method for family albums and memoirs.
   Whatever the choice, just remember to call the company that can help you preserve your family’s chronicle for generations to come. Call Copresco.

The Grinch at Work

   In case you haven’t heard, United Parcel Service is playing the Grinch this season with a 4.9% price increase for ground, air and international services.
   The dimensional weight divisor used to calculate dimensional weight for domestic and export shipments will also change. English translation: Bulky packages will cost you more to ship.

No Headaches Allowed

   Before you reach for the aspirin, here’s the good news. Copresco understands all this and will help you weather this logistical nightmare.
   We know more about shipping and distribution than anyone in our business. We get your job to the right place, at the right time, for the best price.
   We handle everything from your small packages to truckloads of finished books and manuals weighing thousands of pounds. We ship by truck, air, package express and courier to single or multiple locations.

Thanks for Your Support

   As Copresco concludes another excellent year, we want to thank you again for your confidence and support.

Rewarding Work

   Our trophy case is bulging with new print awards of excellence, the result of the quality work we do for you.
   We continued to expand our digital color management capabilities with the installation of a new lighting system.

On the Horizon

   Watch for the latest addition to our digital printing arsenal: A new UV coating system that will add beauty and increase the durability of your jobs.
   More helpful advice on preparing files for print will also be coming your way in the months ahead.

All the Best

   We look forward to sharing another prosperous year with you in 2011.

Happy Holidays

   We will be closed Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and New Year.

Internet Addresses

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus:

Make a meaningful contribution this holiday season to ShelterBox,
a frontline disaster relief agency that is saving lives around the world:

If you’re up to it, review UPS’ new dimensional weight changes:

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