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Copresco’s Full-Color, Full-Bleed Tab Dividers

Use Copresco's full-color, full-bleed tab dividers to rise head and shoulders above the competition.   In today’s fast­paced world, it’s important that your literature be presented in a well­organized and professional fashion. That’s why we discussed how Copresco’s index tabs will make your books stand out in a crowd in last month Overnight Lite.
   Now, we’ll show you how to gain even more attention and stature with full-color index tab dividers.

A Classy Piece

   Color plays equally important role in technical and promotional communication.
   The tab dividers for the college handbook shown here demonstrate the classy potential and emotional appeal of beatiful full-color, full-bleed digit printing.

First-Class Job

   This top-quality job reflects the professionalism of the college, an international educational leader in visual, performing, media and communication arts.
   Digitally printed on a coated stock, the dividers command the reader’s immediate attention. Solid coverage, type reverses, full-color photos and illustrations create a strong visual image.

Full-Bleed Impact

   The designer gained the extra impact of borderless printing by using the full width of the divider area for eye-catching graphics, photos and text. Copy printed on the face of each tab provides a quick reference and thumbnail sketch of the section’s contents.
   Printing on the body of the index divider increases the graphic appeal of the book, grabs the reader’s interest and sets the stylistic tone for the entire document.
   With an imprinted body, the divider becomes an integral part of the whole book, not just a supplemental component.
   Other creative uses for full-color and full­bleed dividers include descriptive text, overviews of section contents, tables of contents, logos and other graphic elements. (Photos by Jessica Pinkous)


   Copresco has developed a Tabs Specification Sheet to help you in your tab divider planning. Please call or e-mail us for a copy.
   Our production staff will also gladly answer your specific tab divider questions.
   Here are replies to some frequently asked questions.

   Q. Aren’t tabs normally printed in one color on a white card stock?
   A. Yes, that’s the most popular method. But, as you can see from the college handbook example, they can’t hold a candle to the visual impact of Copresco’s award-winning full­color, full-bleed presentation.
   Few printers are capable of producing a prestigious tab job like this.

   Q. Are there tab size limitations?
   A. Copresco manufactures index tab dividers in full color with bleeds in various dimensions for virtually any size book, manual or publication.

   Q. What about printing copy on the tabs?
   A. Titles should be concise; just one to three words that will provide quick identification. Placing the title on both sides of the tab provides easy forward and backward referencing.

   Q. What’s the turnaround time for full-color tabs production?
   A. Copresco offers you fast turnaround in our Copies Overnight tradition.
   Our digital printing is faster than traditional methods, even for complex tabs and is more cost-effective, particularly for short-run jobs.

Be a Winner

   To make your books and manuals rise head and shoulders above the competition, call the digital printing industry leader.
   Call Copresco today.

Remember When...

   Our 25th anniversary reminiscing takes us to 1990—the year we installed our first docutech.
   We purchased the second of five docutechs the next year.

Copresco’s 250,000 Guarantee

   With the additions of faster and more powerful digital presses, Copresco made an unheard of offer in the printing industry.
   We guaranteed 100,000 impressions the next business day for each customer—with no rush charges.

Upped the Ante

   As we added more firepower and technical skills, we upped the ante to 250,000 impressions.
   That guarantee stands today—as does our reputation as one of the fastest digital printers in the nation.

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