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Self-Published Books Help Build Credibility

   Self-publishing—one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing business—offers authors significant control over the creative, production and distribution processes.
   Self-published book categories range from cookbooks and family histories to personal memoirs and poetry.
   Books published by professionals generally include textbooks, workbooks and how-to guides that substantiate expertise in their fields of endeavor.
   Brigid A. Duffield’s self-published book, The No BS Divorce, Secrets of a Divorce Attorney, and her accompanying workbook, are prime examples.

Book and Workbook Set
(Photos by Jessica Pinkous)

Myths Dispelled

   In this no-nonsense guide, the Wheaton attorney reveals the quirks of getting a divorce through our legal system. She shares the secrets of a divorce attorney so that readers can take the critical actions needed in a divorce situation.

High-End Printing

   Realizing that a high-end printing job was required to reflect the quality of her work, Brigid called on Copresco to print the 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” publications. E-books or other web-based media would not be appropriate for these professionally researched and written resource materials.

On-Demand the Answer

   Copresco’s digital on-demand printing provided the perfect solution for the short runs of 250 copies of each book.
   On-demand’s fast turnaround, the elimination of waste and less storage requirements save clients valuable time and money. Production reruns are quick and easy.
   The initial success of the book led to the development of the companion workbook that also is used for seminars and workshops.

Professional Resources

   In addition to use by individuals seeking advice, the books are designed to help attorneys, therapists, financial planners and other professionals guide their clients through the difficult period surrounding divorce.

Classy Presentation

   The 16-chapter, 172-page adhesive bound book features a full-bleed, full-color 80# cover and black & white body. Graphics and charts are effectively used to supplement the well-written text.

A Valuable Supplement

   The companion workbook is a valuable tool for anyone contemplating or going through the divorce process.
   Also printed with a matching full-bleed, full-color 80# cover and black & white body, the 128-page workbook provides users with the various tools needed to identify feelings, communicate productively and successfully navigate the legal system.

Helpful Guides

   Worksheets guide users through checklists, questions and the to-do list to help them focus and gain control of their circumstances.

Coil Binding Benefits

   The plastic coil binding allows the workbook to lie flat or be doubled over, user-friendly features that make it easy to take notes and answer the various questions that are presented.

Don’t Forget...

   When you have a publication, book or manual to print, whether it’s self-published or not, call the national digital printing leader.
   Call Copresco.

Self-Publishing Facts

   A turning point in publishing history occurred in 2008; for the first time in history, more books were self-published than those published traditionally.

Significant Stats

   Analysis of data from Bowker Books In Print and Bowker Identifier Services showed that 2011’s 148,424 self-published print books represented about 43 percent of that year’s total traditional print output.

Internet Addresses

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