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ISBN Numbers Help Self-Publishers Sell Books

   Whatever book that you are planning to publish; be it a textbook, a cookbook or a family history, you will need an ISBN number.

What is an ISBN?

   An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit number that identifies printed books or book-like products.
   Any publisher or self-publishing author that wants to sell books in stores, through wholesalers or through online services, needs an ISBN.

What's the Purpose?

   An ISBN establishes and identifies one title or edition of a title, in a specific format, from one specific publisher.
   ISBNs are linked to essential information that allows booksellers and readers to know which book they're buying, what the book's about and who the author is.

Unique Marketing Tool

   The ISBN number is unique to that edition, which allows more efficient marketing of books through various distribution channels.
   Without an ISBN, the book may never be discovered in bookstores or on online media.

One for Each Edition

   An ISBN number is required for each edition of the book that you are publishing. For example, if you have hardcover and paperback versions of your book, each version must have its own ISBN.

Bar Codes Add Big Value

   Bar coding is another good reason to get an ISBN. Bar codes contain vital pricing and inventory information for booksellers.
   Publishers must have an ISBN to get a bar code.

You Are the Publisher

   Copresco, like all printers, is a manufacturer of books. You are the publisher.
   We print millions of impressions of short-run publications, books and manuals.
   Our diversified products run the gamut from booklets, bulletins, catalogs, workbooks, handbooks, textbooks and technical materials to training aids, guidebooks, newsletters, cookbooks and calendars.

Full Bindery Services

   Copresco also runs hundreds of thousands of index tab dividers in various sizes and styles-including beautiful full-color, full-bleed tabs.
   Our inhouse bindery adds the finishing touches for your perfect bound books as well as wire and plastic coil bound volumes.
   And, as an added extra, you get our legendary Copies Overnight ultrafast turnaround service.
   So, for your next book project, call the national leader. Call Copresco.

More on the Numbers

   As we have explained in our lead story, a book that is published should have an ISBN number.
   Manuals, or other documents that are included with a product or service, do not require ISBNs.


   Published work that appears in new editions on a regular basis may use an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).
   These publications include newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and newsletters like Overnight Lite.

In Memoriam

   We were saddened by the death of Alvin Blick, 79, our imaginative cartoonist.
   Alvin has been amusing Overnight Lite readers with his distinctive style of illustrations for our jokes page since January 2006.

Well-Known Illustrator

   Alvin had a long and distinguished career as a graphic designer with leading Chicago advertising and direct marketing agencies.
   His last two cartoons appear on the back page of this issue. We will be rerunning some of his best drawings in future issues of our newsletter.

Thanks for the Memories

   We will miss your keen sense of humor and creative flair, Alvin.
   Our sincere condolences to your family and friends.

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