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Copresco’s laminating protects and serves...

Making Your Books and Manuals Look Spiffy

   Looking for a top-of-the line way to make your books and publications stand out in the crowded marketplace?
   Talk to Copresco’s production department about the many benefits of cover lamination.

Value Added

   “The lamination process enhances the aesthetics and adds value to printed pieces by giving the impression of higher quality and importance,” says President and CEO Steve Johnson.
   “The addition of our new Protopic III-540 system increases our laminated book-cover capacity and provides better control and faster turnaround of clients’ projects.”

Luis Colunga and Gail Oberhart check a lamination project produced on
Copresco’s new Protopic III-540 system. (Photo by Jessica Pinkous)

The Right Fit

   Lamination and digital on-demand printing go hand in hand and are just the right fit for Copresco’s production of your short-run publications, books and manuals.


   Lamination provides additional strength, durability and permanence advantages as well as valuable protection against fingerprints, smudges, scratches, rubbing, wrinkles and stains.

More Protection

   In addition, laminated publications are resistent to excessive humidity.
   Since laminates are transparent, they will not damage your various printed projects.

Unmatched Durability

   In addition to their handsome appearance, the unmatched durabilityfeatures of lamination give books long shelf life, particularly for heavy-use applications, such as research and reference volumes, which are used on a daily or recurring basis.

Superior End Product

   Prior to the Protopic III purchase, Copresco’s technical staff investigated a number of varnish, ultraviolet (UV) cured and aqueous coating systems.
   Our research determined that lamination produced a far superior finished product that reflects high quality and class.

Gloss or Matte Finishes

   Lamination is available in both gloss and matte finishes for two very different effects.
   Gloss laminating reflects light and imparts deeper, brighter colors for an eye-catching look that attracts attention.
   On the other hand, matte finish laminating provides a more subtle, barely perceptible elegance, while still providing all the protective benefits of lamination.
   Both finish styles enhance the appearance of a printed cover, and both are available from Copresco.

A Perfect Solution

   A major application for Copresco is the lamination of perfect bound books, a continually expanding market segment for our digital services.

Unlimited Opportunities...

   There are all sorts of projects that will benefit from cover laminations:

  • catalogs
  • literary journals
  • primers and textbooks
  • instructions
  • employee handbooks
  • policy manuals
  • directories
  • calendars
  • cookbooks
  • planners

Even More Apps...

  • training materials
  • technical manuals
  • conference proceedings
  • workbooks
  • foreign language booklets
  • teacher’s editions
  • booklets
  • looseleaf documents
  • yearbooks
  • guidebooks
  • benefit plans
  • reports
  • monographs
  • recruitment materials
  • reference guides

See for Yourself

   Not sure how your project will look with a laminated cover?
   Call our production department for samples of various gloss and matte finished projects.

Best Time to Laminate?

   Right now is a good time to add eye-catching good looks and durability to your books and publications. So, when you want the best-looking books in town, call the top-shelf digital printer today. Call Copresco.

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