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Consider larger type for your publications...

Copresco’s Sure-Fire Way to Boost Readership

If you could do one thing that would guarantee increased readership, would you do it?

How about if it was free, effortless, and had no negative side effects?

What is this magic bullet? Increase your font size. What could be easier?

E-book Advantage

Since the launch of the Kindle, most of the so-called “advantages” of e-reading have proven to be more disadvantages, hence the dramatic flattening of e-book sales. There is one area often cited, however, in which e-books have a clear advantage over print: the ability to increase the point size of the type for easier reading. Perhaps this is why e-books have been largely ignored by young people. They don’t need larger type, but their parents do!

Survey Confirmation

A study last year by e-reader manufacturer Kobo of its customers and the competition revealed that e-book sales are largely fueled by women over 45 and men over 65. A survey by Nielsen confirmed these findings.

Specs Required

Older readers routinely use reading glasses and magnifying lenses to render small typefaces readable, but why ask your readers to do extra work?

Bumping up your type size one or two points makes a huge difference in readability.

Good for All Ages

Even younger, sharper eyes still find bigger type easier to read, hence the use of larger font sizes in children’s books.

Whether you are publishing a book, a magazine, a catalog, or an instruction manual, give careful consideration to the needs of the 40% of the American population that is over 45 years old.

Cuban Visitors Tour Plant

Copresco welcomed visitors from the nearby nation of Cuba for a tour of our plant facilities.

Trade Agreement

The encounter was a reciprocal gesture for the hospitality received last autumn when Copresco President Steve Johnson visited several cities in Cuba.

A Hill to Climb

During his trip, Steve spent some time in local libraries and bookstores and learned that Cuba has a long way to go to catch up with modern book production technology.

“Hardcover books are rarely seen. Most books are paperbacks, even in libraries,” Steve observed.

Welcome Mat Is Out

Copresco enjoys welcoming guests to our premier digital printing plant.

Steve Johnson discusses a project with our Cuban visitors(l. to r.) Kurt and Marla Parent and Rev. Jose and Dania Padin.

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Copresco has updated its bindery with the installation of a Triumph paper cutter.

Sean Reese trims a stack of book covers on Copresco’s new paper cutter that can handle 27-1/2” long client projects.
(Photos by Jessica Pinkous)

Keeping Pace

“The new programmable system, larger than our old cutter, was needed to keep pace with 27½” maximum sheet size of our newest color digital press,” says Copresco Production Manager Lynn Buck.

Not Finished ‘Til It’s Finished

“Having the latest and greatest digital printing technology is all well and good,” Steve Johnson added. “But, unless there are equivalent high-tech investments made in the bindery, all you’re doing is making pretty pictures.”

Right on the Money

Copresco knows your books, publications, manuals, and catalogs aren’t completed until they are printed, bound, packaged and delivered.

So, when you need more than just pretty pictures, call the company that has the equipment, know-how and staff to deliver your project right—­and right on time.

Call Copresco.