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Plastic Coil Binding for Your Technical Publications

This is not like your grandfather’s old-fashioned bound book. Plastic coil binding has taken the center stage for the modern-day production of books and technical publications.

This good-looking binding method takes the spotlight due to its rugged durability and attractive pricing.

Colorful coil bindings add durability and style for client projects.

Production Flexibility

Plastic coil projects are well-suited to large and small production runs.

New coil insertion and crimping equipment has increased Copresco’s short-run coil binding production capacity.

With our two Alpha-Doc high-speed punching systems, we sail through larger coil binding projects.

A Ton of Applications

Coil binding offers you a huge range of book and publication applications:

More Possibilities

Lie Flat or Doubled Over

Coil binding allows books to lie flat for easy referencing and note taking.

The plastic coils are stronger than their wire cousins and won’t be easily crushed or bent out of shape.

Books, produced in various sizes, can also be doubled over, an especially useful feature for technical manuals, cookbooks, notebooks and directories.

Enticing Enhancements

Plastic coil comes in various colors that are sure to enhance your over-all presentation.

Various paper stocks, weights, and colors are available.

Fold-In Pages

Fold-in pages up to 271/2” long or longer with illustrations, schematics, diagrams or charts, can add a high-tech, professional look to your publication.


Don’t forget to consider tab dividers to organize your book and provide quick access to various sections.


Copresco prints index tabs with mylar reinforcing in various paper weights and colors. Full bleed and full color tabs are also offered.

Cover Lamination

Cover laminating provides strength, durability and permanence advantages for rugged-use applications.

The process offers resistance to scratches, rubbing and wrinkles as well as opposition to water and oil stains.

Think About Binding First

Copresco strongly recommends that you determine your binding style before you create your document.

Size, intended use, expected life and price are important factors to consider.

Remember, the binding style that works well for a best-selling novel may be poorly suited to a school workbook!

Summing Up

Copresco also produces perfect bound books as well as saddle bound and loose-leaf publications.

Our production department will help you make the right decision for the most efficient and economical binding for your project.

Manuel Duran works with Copresco's automated Alpha-Doc punching systems for large plastic coil bound projects.
(Above photos by Jessica Pinkous)

The Place to Call

So, when you need help with a digital printing project, no matter what binding style required, make sure you call the digital printing leader.

Call Copresco.

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