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Everyone Is in The Winner’s Circle at Copresco

Copresco has won a Gold Ink Award for color printing of an artistic healthcare marketing booklet.

Prestigious Honor

Presented by Printing Impressions magazine, the Gold Ink program is the industry’s most prestigious print competition.

Impressive Presentation

Contest judges were impressed with the artistic use of full color bleeds and solid copy blocks with reversed type for the 11” x 8-1/2” booklet.

A handsome full-bleed cover printed in two tones of black features a two-color logo that commands the reader’s attention.

The beautifully designed 28-page saddle bound piece was printed on a gloss paper stock to gain the rich reproduction of text and graphics.

Highest Standards

“The winning award entry reflects the high printing standards of our industry and shows the versatility of our digital printing services,” says Copresco President Steve Johnson.

“You get a major winner when you combine the high quality of digital printing with the economy of short press runs.

“Copresco’s production workflow for books, manuals and publications accommodates a wide range of sizes to meet demanding design requirements,” Steve explained.

Major League Competition

According to Printing Impressions, thousands of Gold Ink Award entries are received each year from printers around the world who are looking to be recognized by their customers, prospects and industry peers for their superior craftsmanship.

Winning Calendar Image

Jessica Pinkous keeps Copresco’s contest victory streak alive with a winner in the Lake County Press annual calendar photo competition.

Jessica’s color image, entitled “Windfall,” graces the October page of the printer’s 2018 calendar. (Photo by Jessica Pinkous)

A Shining Moment

Her use of sunlight shining on fallen apples in an orchard met contest requirements for an image that offers visual impact, interesting texture and unique composition.

Jessica is also responsible for much of the photography for Overnight Lite.

Copresco’s Freight Rates Cure

U.S. shipping services wouldn’t let businesses start the new year without announcing a new round of price increases.

Across the Board Increases

FedEx freight rates rise 4.9% on average. UPS checks in with the same 4.9% increase on group, air and international service.

If you still mail letters, you know that postage stamps now cost 50¢. This goes with the nearly 4% increase applied to all U.S. Postal Service shipping services.

No Worries

But, don’t let your blood pressure rise. Copresco not only guarantees you fast on-time delivery, we can save you money on shipping your digital printing jobs.

We know more about shipping and distribution than anyone else in our business.

From Packages to Truckloads

Copresco handles everything from your small packages to truckloads of finished books and publications weighing thousands of pounds. We ship by truck, air, package express and courier to single or multiple locations.

Your Best Answer

Call the company that guarantees you fast on-demand service—and makes sure that your job is delivered to the right place, at the right time, for the best price.

Call Copresco.

Our 30th Birthday Coffee Mugs

Everyone’s a winner with a Copresco coffee mug. If you haven’t received one already, drop us a line and we’ll send one right out.

One person reported that his mug was damaged in shipping. Don’t be shy! Let us know if this happens.

We’ll be happy to bring you out a replacement. (Photo by Jessica Pinkous)