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Index Tab Dividers Are Hyperlinks for Books

Index tab dividers spruce up your books and publications, give your documents that professional look and make them more user-friendly and easier to read.

Time Savings

The time-saving value of index tabs should not be overlooked. Experts say tabs can reduce the time needed to find specific information by as much as 40%.

Like website and email links they lead you immediately to specific sections of your document.

Foolproof Method

Unlike the bookmark feature in PDFs, which is rarely used, printed index tabs are intuitive, convenient, and foolproof.

And unlike hyperlinks on web pages and in emails, index tab dividers don’t lead the user far away from your pertinent content.

Nice Break

Indexing provides welcome breaks to large volumes. This is an important feature, particularly for complex technical publications.

Diverse Apps

Index tab applications include instructions and training manuals, workbooks, price books, directories and employee handbooks, product and service catalogs and sales pieces.

Multiple Choices

Copresco produces hundreds of books and publications with index tabs. Tabs are produced in various sizes, styles and paperweights, with or without mylar reinforcing.

Increased Appeal

Printing on the body of the divider increases the graphic appeal of the book, grabs the reader’s interest and sets the stylistic tone for the entire document.

Attention Grabber

You will gain even more attention with Copresco’s beautiful full-color, full-bleed tab dividers.

Text, numbers or combinations of text and numbers may be used to designate document sections. You can use artwork or an overview of a section’s contents by printing on the body of the index sheet.

Index Banks

A bank of indexes comprises a single row of tabs. This may work well for a small manual. But for large books, we recommend multiple banks (two or more rows) within the same section to separate chapters and highlight key areas such as charts and tables.


We can typeset your tab copy using standard layout templates, or we can image the titles from your digital files.

And we can imprint and insert your tab dividers in-line as the document is reproduced. It’s faster and more cost-effective.

Tech Tips

TechTopics No. 5 is a Copresco technical bulletin packed with helpful information about index tab dividers.

Coincidentally, the bulletin is printed with a tab that provides easy filing and reference.

Paper Stocks

Copresco stocks the printing industry’s standard white 90# index sheets on our production floor, but we can offer you a wide assortment of other stocks in different colors and paper weights.

Finishing Tips

Index tabs can be provided in collated sets, with or without holes. They are available from Copresco in virtually any size that you may require, not just the standard letter size you can buy at office supply stores.

Binding Options

Finished tab divider sets can be inserted into ring binders, shrinkwrapped for easy handling or bound in the document.

Copresco can also add index tabs to your perfect bound books, a nifty production feat that few printers will even attempt.

When you include Copresco’s famous fast turnaround for your projects, you have an unbeatable winning combination.

Shipping Savings

Copresco not only guarantees ontime delivery, we’ll save you money on shipping your digital printing jobs.

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