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A valuable lesson learned...

Only Copresco Can Deliver the Books on Time

On Wednesday, April 19 just before noon, Copresco President Steve Johnson received a frantic call from author Kelly Kazek, an award-winning journalist, humorist and the author of eight books.

Deep Trouble

Kelly was in deep trouble. She had scheduled an event at a bookstore to introduce her new book, “Not Quite Right,” on Saturday, April 21 in Auburn, Alabama.

Left in the Lurch

Her printer had just called and said they couldn’t deliver the 30 copies of her 254-page book that she was promised. Even though they were a well-known, national printing on-demand firm, they were sorry, but nothing could be done.

“Could Copresco get the job done in a such short notice?” she asked.

Copresco Can Do

“Why, of course Copresco can do it,” Steve replied. “That’s what we’re here for.”

What followed was another textbook case history of Copresco’s fast lane action to meet a critical client deadline.

After a quick estimate approval, the print files for the book were uploaded to the Copresco website.

Printing and Binding

The 6” x 9” book was imaged, proofed, printed and bound. The full color, full bleed cover was matte laminated to add more aesthetic appeal and durability.

The cover was also hinge-scored to allow the book to be opened easier with less pressure on the spine.

On Their Way

The books were individually shrinkwrapped and shipped some 800 miles to the publishing house, Solomon & George Publishers in Alabama.

Ready for Signing

All this in less than two days! Kelly had copies in her hands on Friday, a day before her book signing.

This achievement was accomplished without compromises, cutting of corners or sacrificing Copresco’s high quality printing standards.

Nothing New

Our clients know that they can count on us for fast action in a zero hour emergency. Exceptionally fast turnaround is not a catchy tag line or a snazzy advertising slogan. It has been an integral part of Copresco’s corporate DNA since the founding of our company as Copies Overnight 31 years ago.

Moral of the Story

We can recite hundreds of testimonial case history stories about how Copresco has saved the day for clients like Kelly who were in desperate need of our assistance.

Not Equal

Not all digital on-demand printers are equal. Some printers will boast about their extra-fast service. But, when the chips are really down, they just can’t deliver.

Make the Right Call

So, when you have short-run book or publication projects with rigid time frames, you need a digital printer that is truly committed to overnight service and has the exceptional printing quality to match the speed.

You need Copresco. So, don’t delay, call us today.

Saving the Day

Emergencies come up, just like the situation Kelly Kazek faced. But what can you do if a zero hour emergency like this should happen to you?

Sound Advice

First, realize that you can count on Copresco in an emergency. Call us right away and let us know what you are up against.

Even if you haven’t as yet decided to use Copresco for your project, send us the print files, along with your finishing requirements.

Your files and specifications will give us all the information we need to save the day.

Time Factor

Even with Copresco’s exceptionally fast turnaround, time is still a major factor. We can print overnight as we did for Kelly, but the project still has to be delivered to you.

Shipping Acumen

Copresco has extensive experience in finding the best, most economical way to deliver projects for our clients.

In Kelly’s case, we could have cut the freight costs in half if she had called us just a day earlier!

Whether your special event is a book signing, a conference, a training session, or a meeting, you can count on Copresco to deliver on time.

Independence Day

Copresco will be closed Wednesday, July 4 for the celebration of our nation’s independence.

Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.