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What’s your fastest time?

Speed’s the Ticket at the Indy 500—and Copresco

What’s the best time you have for changing a flat tire? For most of us, it’s about a 30-minute chore.

If you have to wait for roadside assistance, you could be faced with a two-to-three-hour ordeal. Go to the dealer, and you might not get your car back until tomorrow.

A 10-Second Job

The same job for an Indy 500 pit crew takes less than 10 seconds. It’s all a matter of expertise and extremely sharp focus.

You do the best you can under the circumstances. A tow truck or your auto dealer has other work to worry about. But, the Indy team has but one goal: to win the race—and they have the tools and experience to do the job.

Fast Down the Stretch

That’s where Copresco comes in.

We have the same dedication and single-minded purpose of sprinting to the finish line with your digital printing projects.

We pride ourselves on extremely fast turnaround of short-run books, manuals and publications.

Mission Impossible

Following is just a small sampling from our Impossible Missions files.

World Class Directory

Finding the best printer was a major challenge for the publisher of the world’s most comprehensive directory of chambers of commerce ever produced. Fast turnaround was also vital to meet the deadline for an international conference in Denver.

The original directory quote was for 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 copies.

Copresco recommended that the print run be cut to 1,000 copies and future copies be printed on-demand.

This not only saves significant money up front, but also reduces inventory and storage problems.

Some printing savings were used to upgrade from a commodity grade stock to a premium grade offset book paper that provided a better-looking, more professional book.

Perfect binding completed the rush job and the directories were delivered a day ahead of schedule.

Governmental Catastrophe

A major governmental agency needs 50 sets of a 446-page report in full color delivered in two days to Menlo Park, California. No printer in the Golden State will accept the project. We take it on and turn the job around in a single day!

Monumental Mess

Just days before the delivery of a massive 1.2 million impressions job for an international service organiza- tion, we learn that 265 pages of one 1,500-page volume must be renumbered.

This would be a nightmare for a conventional printer. Copresco easily solves the problem—and beats the deadline—by using our variable data capabilities to add the new page numbers.

Author Anxiety

On a busy Wednesday morning, Copresco receives a frantic call from an author who was in deep trouble.

Her printer had just called and said they can’t deliver the 30 copies of her 254-page book for an introductory signing event on Saturday.

With full steam ahead at Copresco, the perfect bound book is printed with a full color cover and matte laminated.

Books are individually shrink- wrapped and shipped some 800 miles to the publishing house in Alabama. All this in less than two days!

Just Routine

All of these achievements are accomplished without compromises, cutting of corners or sacrificing Copresco’s high quality printing standards.

While speed is a major focal point of Copresco, we still win more than our share of awards for producing top-quality work for our clients.

No Doubt About It

We could go on, but we think you get the picture. When you need short- run books and manuals delivered right, right on time, there’s only one place to call. Call Copresco.

Inspirational Lady

Production Manager Lynn Buck has been recognized as an inspirational woman in the printing industry by Print+Promo, a national magazine that serves printing distributors.

Exemplary Work

She was one of 15 women honored for her exemplary work in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Lynn is responsible for Copresco’s production of millions of pages of our clients’ work.

When asked what brings joy in the work she does, Lynn replied, “Knowing that our customers can drop their jobs into our hands and not have to worry if their demanding deadlines will be met and the quality they expect will be delivered.”

Independence Day

Copresco will be closed Thursday, July 4 to celebrate our Independence.

We will be open July 5 to serve you.