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Copresco: the perfect choice for soft cover bound books...

Lower Cost, High-Quality Thick or Thin Books

Still using saddle binding for your catalogs and other publications?

You should consider the lower cost and many benefits of Copresco’s adhesive-bound volumes.

A Perfect Solution

Copresco’s perfect binding system features hinge-scoring and side gluing. We do paperback books as thin as 1/16” or even less. You may never want to use tape or saddle binding again! And, you won’t have to worry about shingling or creep.

Better All Around

With our hinge-scoring process, book covers are scored in line for the spine folds and the hinges.

The hinge score, used in conjunction with side gluing, allows the cover to open freely and results in a stronger binding and a more attractive book.

Standard Procedure at Copresco

Here’s another big benefit: Most printers and binders charge extra for this superior hinge-binding method. At Copresco, it’s a standard operating procedure—and a big savings for you.


Perfect binding is a versatile and attractive binding method for short digital press runs of several hundred paperback books, manuals, directories, reference guides, booklets and other publications.

Other major advantages include the wraparound covers that offer longevity benefits, eye-catching full-color graphics and printable spines.

The Thick and Thin of It

Perfect binding is normally restricted to books of at least 1/8” minimum thick- ness (60 pages on a 50# offset or 50 pages on 60# stock).

Copresco is one of only a few book printers that can bind much thinner volumes. Our production department will give you more details.

Thickness Limits

A 2” maximum thickness (1,000 pages on a 50# offset or about 850 pages on a 60# sheet) is still the general rule of thumb.

Once a publication exceeds 1,000 pages, Copresco recommends that you use multiple volumes. Bulky technical and reference books become unmanageable and difficult to use.

A Standout

Printing on the spine—if there’s sufficient thickness—makes your book stand out on a bookshelf. A minimum 1/8” thickness is normally required for spine copy.

Anything less would seriously limit the type size that could be used and consequently reduces readability.

Greater Control

Copresco’s ability to work in a two- page format gives you greater control over the conventional four-page, eight-page and even 16-page signatures required with saddle binding.

For Example

Say you have a 66-page manual to print. With saddle binding, you would have to settle for 64 pages on the low side or from 68, 72 or 80 pages on the high side, depending on the way signatures are set up.

More Flexibility

With Copresco’s digital on-demand printing, you gain optimum flexibility.

You can use any number of pages you need, in any combination you want, anywhere you like in the perfect bound book.

This includes full-color pages, fold- in pages with photos and graphics as well as furnished pages.

Index tab dividers—with clear or colored mylar reinforcing—may be inserted to break up sections of the book and create a user-friendly, professional-looking volume.

A Choice of Cover Styles

Your cover options range from an index stock printed in one color to a four-color, full-bleed process project.

Perfect bound covers may also be laminated to add further class and durability to your finished product.

With printing on-demand, changes are also made quickly and easily to keep books up-to-date.

No Question About It

So, when you need books and manuals, or other publications, think about all the benefits you’ll derive from perfect binding.

Then, call the company that offers you the digital printing quality, economy and service you deserve.

Call Copresco.