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Celebrating 30 Years of Continuous Publication

From our headline and the new volume number, you see that Copresco is celebrating something special: our 30th Anniversary of Overnight Lite.

The flagship of our marketing communications program, Lite has been published and mailed continuously since September 1990.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement that makes our newsletter one of the longest-running publications in the communications business,” says Copresco President Steve Johnson. “It is virtually unheard of for any corporate publication.”

Spirited Fun

As its name implies, Lite has always been a spirited publication. Originally, we featured a full page of jokes to tickle your funny bone, with one panel of news material and the mailing details on page two.

More Tech Info Wanted

A survey of readers told us that you loved the content, but wanted more technical information.

So, we expanded our emphasis on digital technology, communications, industry trends and topics, while maintaining our whimsical page of jokes and cartoons.

Impressive Database

Over 2000 clients and prospects receive the publication that is digitally printed in-house in full color. Other readers may view the newsletter in multiple formats on our website.

Overnight Lite has also spurred the development of additional Copresco communications such as TechTopics, Steve’s monthly column in Printing Impressions magazine and a series of problem-solving client case histories.

Standard-Bearer for Print

“We continue to practice what we preach…and that means providing a constant marketing message in printed materials. Print, we know, is still the most powerful way to communicate,” Steve says.

Newsletter Advocate

Copresco has also been a longtime advocate of targeted newsletters.

Regularly published newsletters create and build strong relationships by keeping your name in front of new and existing clients.

Printed newsletters offer the added benefits of permanence and portability, so they can be passed on to other interested parties.

One Color

Our newsletter was originally printed in black as you saw in our August issue. At the turn of the century, we turned a new leaf and began printing in full color.

Worthy of Noting

During our three decades of continual publication, Lite has heralded these company milestones:

• the installation of Copresco’s first docutech publishing system, which was groundbreaking news in the early days of printing-on demand.

• the change of our corporate name from the original Copies Overnight moniker to Copresco, signifying the integration of a whole new digital printing foundation.

• the miraculous 48-hour recovery from a devastating storm that tore the roof off the plant. We recognized this extraordinary accomplishment by the publication of a four-page issue with a collage of photos.

News and Feature Reporting

Lite has reported the dozens of technological advancements Copresco has made over the years as well as the continual upgrading of our press and binding departments.

We have also published an array of feature articles about the power of print, self-publishing, paper, binding styles, shipping, virus protection and other informative topics.

Award Recognition

Lite has won multiple APEX Awards for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts, Inc.

Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.

Our Staff

Lite’s experienced editorial team comprises Steve Johnson, publisher; Lee Strouse of Wordcraft, editor; Dave Dankovich, graphic design; Chris Garcia, cartoons; Jessica Pinkous, photography; and Evelyn Johnson, proofreading.


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Your Suggestions Welcomed

Reader comments, suggestions and submissions of both humorous and technical material are welcomed.


The contributors to Lite have enjoyed watching the company grow from a one-room office into the world-class leader in digital technology.

So, when you need books, manuals and publications, go straight to the top of the class.

Call Copresco.