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Friendly Printed Directories Beat Online Versions

If you look around your home or office, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a directory or a reference guide in a bookcase.

Directories offer unlimited uses for groups and organizations of all sizes from professional and trade associations, businesses and churches to social and service clubs, high schools and colleges and other institutions.

Targeted Directories

While the use of generic directories such as the Yellow Pages are fading into oblivion, targeted directories continue to increase in popularity.

Since their users have distinct wants, needs and tastes, targeted directories are highly effective for reaching specific groups of your clients, members and prospects.

Beneficial Details

Along with pertinent contact information, these directories often include business profiles, hours of operation, locations, directions, maps and other useful information.

QR Codes may also be included in the mix so that smartphone users can connect directly to your organization.

Worth a Thousand Words

A picture directory is an excellent resource for connecting members of your organization with their colleagues.

Use Caution

We think that your organization or client should not settle for an online directory.

Spreadsheets command little attention and unfortunately get lost in the clutter of email attachments.

And, due to the proliferation of junk email, important online messages and attachments are often missed or just plain ignored.

Thumbing through a well-organized printed directory gives you a sense of quality and permanence that you just can’t get online.

Ensures Privacy

There’s nothing like having a printed piece at your fingertips; one that looks good, feels good and is there for you 24/7.

Another major reason for the printed directory is security. You must make sure that the privacy and integrity of your organization’s information is protected.

Restricted Data

With a printed piece in hand, the access to your organization’s data is restricted to the directory recipient.

You have little or no control over documents published online. Ironically, the more secure you make your online information, the more difficult it is for your audience to find it!

Archival Assets

Online directories can be instantly updated, but that can be a double-edged sword. A name that was in the directory yesterday may be gone today even though you still need it!

Previous versions of printed directories may be retained for future reference.

Digital’s the Answer

Copresco’s digital service is a logical choice for directory printing. There’s little waste or obsolescence with our fast, short-run projects.

Changes and updates can be made quickly and economically.

Improve Readability

To add further interest and readability to your document, consider the use of special color sheets, inserts or other special pages.

Index Tab Dividers

Copresco’s index tabs will give your directory a professional look and make it more user-friendly and easier to read. And don’t overlook the time-saving value of index tabs.

Experts say tabs can reduce the time needed to find specific information by as much as 40%.

We can help you gain even more attention with beautiful full-color, full-bleed tab dividers.

Printing on the body of the divider will create additional graphic appeal.

Finishing Up

Copresco’s bindery adds the finishing touches to make your project look great.

Binding options range from looseleaf and saddle binding to perfect bound and coil binding styles.

Plastic coil is a good choice that allows the directory to lie flat or be doubled over, helpful features which make it easy to take notes.

Ring binding is an excellent but often-overlooked method of organizing directories, listings and sales materials or looseleaf pages that require periodic revisions.

Call Copresco

So, when you need a directory or any short-run book. manual or publication, be sure to call the digital on-demand leader.

Call Copresco.

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