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Give your children a special Christmas present...

The Everlasting and Priceless Gift of the Printed Word

The Black Friday frenzy is over, the tree is trimmed and the stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Now, Christmas shoppers are scurrying around for last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

A Great Idea

Copresco suggests that you give your youngsters and grandkids a timeless and priceless gift: a book.

Nothing Like It

There is nothing like turning the pages of an exciting tale, a great adventure story or a thrilling historical narrative.

Books provide your children with a wealth of information, experience and knowledge, while expanding their world and stimulating their imagination.

Forget the Gimmicks

Let someone else give your loved ones the latest gadgets. Then, watch how quickly they will fall out of favor.

Just remember these hot tickets of past years: video cassette players, laser discs, the Walkman and MP3 players.

They have all given way to online streaming and smartphone technology.

A Sure Bet

Buy a sure thing. Give something you loved as a child.

Do you think the gift of print is too old fashioned? Here are some hints for maximizing the delight of the youngest generation:

The first edition of "When We Were Very Young," a best-selling book of poetry that delighted greatgrandpa on Christmas morning 1925 is every bit as readable today as it was then.

Thanks to Harry

We should give specials thanks for J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series of fantasy novels that have brought thousands of young readers back to the joy of reading.

A Word of Advice

Give of yourself and read your gift aloud with your children and grandchildren.

Leading a long list of why kids need books, The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance says, “Books create warm emotional bonds between adults and kids when they read books together.”

Inspiring Dreams

The Alliance also states that books inspire us to dream and give us the tools to achieve our dreams.

The Perfect Gift

So, wrap up your shopping list and thrill your youngster with a wonderful gift of the printed word.

Yes, Virginia

Yes, Virginia is a cherished yuletide treasure that has been posted on the Copresco website since 1994. It’s a child’s anxious inquiry about Santa Claus that sets the stage for the whole holiday season.

A Classic Piece

Francis Pharcellus Church wrote an enduring editorial “Is There A Santa Claus?” that first appeared in the New York Sun on September 21, 1897.

Since then, it has been reprinted as a classic expression of Christmas sentiment hundreds of times in numerous languages...and is history’s most reprinted editorial.

A Beautiful Book

In 2001, Running Press Book Classics published a beautifully illustrated coffee table size book of this famous editorial.

The handsome case bound volume, with beautiful full color illustrations by Joel Spector, presents a most inspiring response to eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon’s question about Santa.

An introduction to the book and brief resumes of Francis Church and Joel Spector are included on the wrap- around book cover.

The book is available for sale online.

Share the Joy

We invite you to share this famous piece with your friends and family, and give thanks for the things in our lives that truly matter.

A copy of the editorial is available on our website.

Happy Holidays

As we conclude another busy year, we want to thank you once more for your confidence and support.

We sincerely appreciate the business and personal relationships that we have forged with you for so many years.

All the Best

We wish you and yours a most happy holiday season and look forward to sharing another highly successful year with you as we celebrate a new decade in 2020.

Our Seasonal Plans

Copresco will be closed Tuesday, December 24 for Christmas Eve and Wednesday, Christmas Day, as well as on Wednesday, January 1 for New Year’s Day.

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.