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Wall calendars and cookbooks...

Distinctive Presents for the Holidays and New Year

Wall calendars offer you distinctive opportunities to communicate a wealth of information and gain good will in the process.

Perfect as gifts for individuals, families and businesses, they are widely used in fundraising campaigns for churches, schools and charities.

Show Biz

Useful for virtually any business or professional service application, wall calendars keep your name and advertising message in front of your customers, shareholders or the general public for the whole life of the piece.

They are a perfect place to include company holidays, tax reporting dates, special events and meeting times.

Custom-tailored pieces with photos and artwork of company products or services—along with ad copy—make lasting impressions on customers.

Family Fun and Games

Most family wall calendars wind up in the kitchen. They serve as constant reminders of everything from Johnny’s dental appointment and soccer game to Susie’s softball practice and violin lesson.

Creative Flexibility

A well-designed and printed calendar offers endless opportunities for doctors, dentists, medical centers, lawyers and other professionals.

You can do your own design and production of a calendar using personal pictures and/or stock photos and artwork.

For the professional touch, a graphic designer can create a stylish piece designed to meet your personal tastes for color, photos and artwork.

Homemade Versions

Software programs are available for do-it-yourself calendars.

Conversion of your final layout to a PDF fits in perfectly with Copresco’s digital on-demand work flow for black & white and full-color projects ranging from a few dozen copies to several thousand.

A Full Year or More?

Even though a 12-month calendar may be the norm, you may want to opt for 13 months or more. Studies show that many calendar recipients prefer the ability to note appointments and events in January or other months of the following year.

If your business operates on a quarterly basis, a 16-month calendar may work best for you.

To Gloss or Not
Coated or glossy stocks, typically used for four-color calendars, have one annoying drawback for some users—they’re hard to write on.

Copresco has uncoated sheets that offer the benefits of glossy stock and work very well for calendars.

Calendars are usually produced in four-page saddle stitched signatures.

Plastic coil binding continues to grow in popularity for calendars.

Plastic coils provide a sturdier and better-looking binding, yet are quite economical for shorter runs.

Cookbooks Make Tasty Gifts

Collecting recipes is nothing new. Cookbooks date back to early times.

Ancient Greeks and Romans served exquisite dishes while entertaining their guests and kept records of their tantalizing recipes.

Family Fun or Profit

Digital on-demand printing offers major advantages for the production of cookbooks, whether you’re planning to save treasured recipes for the family, publish for profit or raise funds for your church or favorite charity.

Or you may simply be looking for a unique birthday or holiday gift for friends or business associates.

Color Enhancement

Full color adds vitality and luster to any publication. Adding a few pages of color will significantly enhance your cookbook.

Binding Versatility

Binding options for cookbooks have come a long way since grandmother’s day.

Cookbooks that lie flat with open pages for easy referencing are most popular with today’s cooking enthusiasts.

Copresco’s plastic coil and double-loop wire fill the bill and are highly recommended.

Looseleaf Benefits

With looseleaf binding, you can add, subtract or edit recipe pages with ease.

For example, you could send blank pages to family members and have them send back their favorite recipes to be included in your cookbook.

Ring binders to house your pages are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

Index Tabs

Don’t forget to consider index tab dividers to help organize your cookbook and make it more user-friendly.

A No Brainer

There you have it. Calendars and cookbooks offer “can’t miss” chances to help you make lasting impressions with these creative planning tools.

So, when you need help with a printing project, call Copresco. You will find a special recipe for success.