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Copresco Upgrades Shrink Wrapping Department With New System

Copresco has upgraded its shrink wrapping department with the addition of a new Beseler System from Tompkins Printing Equipment Company.

In Copresco’s shrink wrapping process, a transparent plastic film is heated as it passes through the heat tunnel of the shrink packaging system. This causes the plastic to shrink and conform to the shape of the object and creates a tight protective seal.

“We can shrink wrap virtually any of our clients’ projects, says Copresco President Steve Johnson. Some of the most commonly wrapped items are looseleaf publications which can be subject to damage in transit if inserted into ring binders before shipping. Instead the contents are securely shrink wrapped and packaged with the accompanying 3-ring binders. Other popular applications are shrink wrapping individual or multiple perfect bound or saddle bound books. Wrapping adds an extra layer of protection during shipping.

Copresco produces millions of pages of short-run publications, books, manuals and publications. Projects range from booklets, catalogs, handbooks, textbooks and technical materials to training aids, guidebooks, newsletters, calendars and cookbooks.

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