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Copresco Tech Topics

Copresco has developed TechTopics, a series of informative technical bulletins to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the rapidly changing digital printing field. Click here if you would like to receive mailings of future issues, or to request a back issue on a particular topic. If you request a subscription to TechTopics, you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter Overnight Lite. Listed below are back issues currently in print. Highlighted issues may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat.

TechTopics No.17: PDFs with Bleeds from InDesign (Coming Soon.)

TechTopics No.16: Complex Subject of Paper Weights

TechTopics No.15: Internet Print Files Transmission

TechTopics No.14: Saddle Binding of Digital Documents

TechTopics No.13: Seven Habits for Highly Successful Documents

TechTopics No.12: How to Avoid Proofreading Blunders

TechTopics No.11: A Guide to International Paper Sizes

TechTopics No.10: Get the Most Out of Your Color

TechTopics No. 9: Successfully Merging Litho and Digital

TechTopics No. 8: Check Those Zip Drives for the "Click of Death"

TechTopics No. 7: Welcome to a Reader’s Tour of Copresco

TechTopics No. 6: Internet Tools for Package Tracking (Revision Coming In June.)

TechTopics No. 5: Index Tab Dividers

TechTopics No. 4: Coated Papers & Docutech Imaging

TechTopics No. 3: File Compression Utilities

TechTopics No. 2: Perfect & Case Bound Books

TechTopics No. 1: Preparing Digital Files for Docutech Printing

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