Larry the Lynx Joins Copresco

Larry the Lynx, an expert in Internet protocol and communications, has joined Copresco as website links master.

He will be responsible for helping visitors to Copresco’s award-winning website obtain valuable information and technical tools faster and easier.

Larry was raised in northern Canada and has an advanced degree in search and discovery. “His extensive experience and far-reaching exploratory abilities are important attributes for this newly created position,” says Steve Johnson, president of the digital on-demand printing firm.

Larry is excited about his opportunity. “The folks at Copresco are so creative and innovative. They just keep making their website better and better. I look forward to greeting visitors and helping them hunt up a wealth of information, including computer software, patches and fixes, virus protection, search engines and much more,” Larry says.

Larry has already been hard at work on his website links area which includes a statement of purpose and faq. His handiwork may be viewed at

Copresco specializes in digital on-demand printing of publications, books and manuals for clients in the general business, printing trade, technical and institutional fields.

The company is headquartered in Carol Stream, Ill.

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