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Does Your Website Need Copresco?

A digital printer that thinks it is a web host? It isn't as unlikely as it might seem. If you are a Copresco customer you undoubtedly use some part of Copresco's website to upload files for printing, to find technical specifications and settings, to read technical bulletins, or even to read the monthly on-line jokes!

Copresco's own website is a sophisticated tool that keeps us in touch with our clients...and makes it easy and convenient for them to work with us.

When Copresco first appeared on the web way back in 1996 we discovered that everyone wanted to create and host websites...with flashy graphics and gimmicks, but without substance. If we wanted more we had no choice but to do it ourselves. Good thing! We learned by doing, and the result was a collection of sites that continue to evolve to this day.

It seemed to be only a natural extension to share this expertise with those needing complex web solutions. Should you consider enlisting Copresco to launch or expand your internet presence?

Copresco is not for everyone. Just as we are narrowly focused on our special niches in the printing industry, so Copresco fills certain focused needs on the world wide web.

Here is what Copresco offers:

  • Rich Content Do you have a story to tell? Lots of information to get out? A specialized business that benefits from educating your customers? A Copresco hosted website typically has hundreds or thousands of pages when it reaches maturity.

  • Constant Change Is your business constantly changing? Is there always new information to get out? Most Copresco sites are updated daily, because that is the way your business works.

  • High Searchability If you are looking for focused traffic- that is, site visitors who are interested in and need your services, you should know that Copresco-hosted websites typically rank in the top two or three positions in their search desired categories, without appearing in unrelated searches. This means maximum results with minimum extraneous traffic. Very few providers can match Copresco's expertise in this area.

  • Fast Navigation

  • Advanced Features

  • Clear Mission

  • Recognition

Below is a list of things that Copresco has chosen not to provide. We cannot effectively create using tools we do not believe in. If you feel you need the features listed below you will be better off with a run-of-the-mill web vendor.

  • Flashy Graphics

  • Static Sites

  • Deceptive Practices

  • Bargain Hosting
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If you suspect that your site may need a bit more content and bit less flash, visit some of the websites created, maintained and hosted by Copresco. Judge for yourself, then contact us if you like what you see.
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