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What You Want, When and Where You Need It

   Johannes Gutenberg—the patriarch of the printed word—would probably love to see Copresco in action today.
   Historians tell us Johannes was always in a hurry. He invented movable type and his printing press to produce books faster. We believe he’d be thrilled with the Copresco concept of digital on-demand printing.

Pioneer in the Field

   “Long before on-demand became an industry buzzword, Copresco was turning out high-quality, short-run documents in extremely short turnaround times,” says president Steve Johnson. “Our definition of the term is simple: we deliver the quantity you want, when you want it, to the place you need it.” If this sounds too good to be true, see our story below about a job we did recently for Stanford University. It’s a prime example of our impossible-missions business model.

A California Mission – In a Day

   The call came in Wednesday from the Department of Energy. The Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University needs 50 sets of a 446-page report in full color. And—they need delivery to Menlo Park, Calif., on Friday.
   Amazingly, there wasn’t a local California printer who would—or could—handle the assignment. Could Copresco do it? Yes, we replied...and proceeded to turn the job around in one day!
   The project required scanning, printing, collating, drilling, shrink-wrapping and packaging. We then turned the job over to a trusted air freight handler.
   As we’ve said in our main on-demand story, jobs like these are possible because Copresco’s workflow is geared to exceedingly fast turnaround. In short, we thrive on doing the impossible—whenever it’s required.

Filling the Void

   Digital printing complements other conventional methods and cost effectively fills the void for short runs of books, manuals, newsletters, directories and collateral material.
   On-demand jobs require less setup time and fewer materials, so there’s very little waste. Completed jobs may be stored electronically, modified easily and reprinted at any time.

Workflow Geared for Speed

   “On-demand printing, however, is more than running a stable of docutechs at breakneck speed,” Steve explains. “We use common equipment in uncommon ways, gearing our entire workflow toward fast turnaround. Technical systems are supported by a corporate culture of determination to meet seemingly impossible deadlines. It takes an experienced and skilled staff to constantly work under such demanding time constraints.”

Significant Value Added

   Since we were founded as Copies Overnight, time has always been of the essence in all facets of our business, including printing, binding and shipping.
   “Just because we produce books fast, doesn’t mean our customers have to settle for inferior binding quality. We offer a full range of bindery services from basic wire stitching through top-of-the line case binding.”
    A recent Printing Impressions feature article highlights Copresco’s extensive bindery capabilities. Our TechTopics Nos. 2 and 14 issues provide technical details about binding digital on-demand jobs. Call us for copies or visit our website.
   On-time delivery completes the on-demand cycle. And we don’t think there’s a printer in the business that knows more about the vital shipping and distribution process than we do.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Chances

   Copresco continues to follow the innovative inspiration of Johannes Gutenberg. Our goal is to make on-demand printing painless, while providing exceptional quality and ultrafast turnaround.
   So why take a chance? When you need publications, books or manuals in a hurry. Call Copresco. You’ll find there’s no substitute for our technical skills, know-how and experience.
   In our next issue, we’ll touch on other on-demand benefits.

Those Were the Days

   We continue our reflections on how things have changed during Copresco’s 15 years in the graphic arts industry.
   The year is 1989 and we are so proud of our IBM 286 computer and its huge 50-meg hard drive.
   Today, we operate an extensive digital network that links multiple high-powered servers to our docutech and docucolor fleet. This gives us exceptional document management and archiving capabilities and more efficient reproduction of text and graphics.
   And now, we have 10,000 times the storage space we had in 1989 to archive your jobs for instantaneous printing on-demand!

Independence Day

Copresco will be closed Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day. We will be open for business as usual on Friday, July 5.
   Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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