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On-Demand—Part Two...

Delivering Benefits You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

   In the June issue of Overnite Lite, we told you about the advantages of digital on-demand printing and how Johannes Gutenberg would love Copresco’s commitment to fast turnaround of high-quality, short-run publications, books and manuals.
   We conclude this two-part series by discussing the additional benefits you gain from digital on-demand. Benefits that you can’t get from any other printing process.

Time Savings

   On-demand saves you and your company valuable time. Repeat ordering is fast and convenient, Just give us the word and your job will be reprinted exactly as it has been stored. No need to resend any of your file documents, graphics or fonts.
   Our fast turnaround gives you even more time. You can wait an extra day or so to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece or add that last piece of important information. Or, you can proofread the document one more time to catch a typo.

Reduced Inventory

   On-demand offers greater control over the printing process. Press runs in the hundreds rather than tens of thousands dramatically reduce your inventory needs and warehousing costs.
   Your books and manuals are printed when you need them. Now, you stock the amount you need, not skids and skids of materials.
   There are no restrictions on document sizes. Publications run the gamut from small saddle stitched booklets to looseleaf volumes that contain thousands of pages.

Cost Savings

   Real savings from on-demand go far beyond individual costs per piece. Significant savings are achieved through reduced storage, less waste and obsolescence, and the ability to make timely revisions with ease.
   This means you won’t be filling your dumpsters with cartons of out-dated copies.
   Elimination of negatives, plates and storage, and shorter press make-readies are additional benefits.
   Our fully networked digital presses make high-speed production runs without excessive setup time. Inline collating, stapling and index tabs printing eliminate extra time-consuming operations.

Greater Flexibility

   With digital technology, changes can be made quickly and easily to keep documents up-to-date. Individual pages, indexes, cover letters and other pieces can be tailored to meet specific needs.
   Additional flexibility is achieved with our variable data capabilities. We can create pieces that vary from impression to impression based on information from your database. On-demand is the only printing process that offers this significant benefit.
   Completed jobs are electronically stored for immediate reprinting as is or with the required changes.

Painless Service

   With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that on-demand is the fastest growing segment of the printing industry.
   And since Copresco “patented” the digital process, there’s no need to look any further. Because there’s no substitute for our special technical skills, know-how and in-depth experience.
   So when you need publications, books or manuals in a hurry. Call Copresco.

Those Were the Days

Looking back on the Good Old Days, our journey takes us to 1990—the year we installed our first docutech. This was quickly followed with the purchase of the second of our five docutechs the next year.

The Copresco Guarantee

   With the subsequent additions of faster and more powerful digital presses, Copresco made an unheard of offer in the printing industry:
   We guaranteed 100,000 black and white impressions the next business day for each customer—with no rush charges!
   As Copresco continued to add more firepower and technical skills, we upped the ante in 1995 to 250,000 impressions.
   The guarantee stands does our reputation as one of the best digital printers in the nation.

New Postal Rates

   Are you getting used to the new 37-cent stamp?
   The U.S. Postal Service increased rates for the third time in three and a half years, as follows:

   We’re sure that the added revenue will vastly improve our service and minimize lost mail. And that postal rates will be held in check...until the next round of increases.

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