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Santa comes through again...

New Tech Tools to Enhance Your Digital Projects

   Even though it seems like we just talked about a new digital color press, we won’t be surprised if Santa leaves a bigger, brighter package under our tree this holiday season.

Even Better Looking

   St. Nick made our clients happy in 2015 by giving us new tools to make your perfect bound, saddle bound, wire and plastic-coil bound projects look even better.
   It’s been said that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But, we know that everyone still does it.
   That’s why we have reaffirmed our commitment to give you more beautiful covers for your projects printed in black to full-bleed and full-color process.

Neatly Finished

   Copresco’s new high-speed scoring system adds that neat and finished appearance to your perfect and saddle bound books, directories, reference guides and other publications.

Color Perfect

   We added an XiRite iO Scanning Table that automatically scans our CMYK press sheets to ensure the accuracy and consistent results of your digital color projects.
   This may sound a bit like marketing hype, but normally, this sophisticated quality control procedure is only used for large offset presses.


   Congratulations to President Steve Johnson, who won an APEX award for the monthly column he writes for Printing News magazine.

Helpful Info

   We gave you instructive guidelines for fighting computer viruses and provided detailed steps on how to avoid proofreading blunders. You will find URLs for both of these topics in the internet box.
   We also delivered a strong message that there’s still a huge demand for print in today’s business world.

Our Sincere Thanks

   As Copresco concludes another gratifying year, we thank you again for working with us in our beneficial business partnership.
   We wish you a most happy holiday season and look forward to sharing your success in 2016.

Champion Coupon Clippers

   Copresco has taken coupon clipping to new heights through a Box Tops for Education fundraising project.
   Led by Gail Oberhart and Jessica Pinkous, our employees clipped more than 13,000 Box Top coupons from reams of Boise paper.

Michael LaFranzo of Carmel Montessori School, Steve Johnson and Gail Oberhart
show off Box Tops for Education coupons.
(Photo by Jessica Pinkous)

Tons upon Tons

   Copresco uses tons of paper in producing millions of pages of your publications, books and manuals, so the stacks of coupons added up quickly.
   The coupons were donated to Carmel Montessori School in Warrenville and Central Elementary School in Plainfield and redeemed for cash awards.

Fulfilling Dreams

   Box Tops for Education has contributed more than $525 million to participating schools since the launch of the program in 1996.
   The program has been highly successful in helping schools realize their dreams despite cutbacks and tough economic challenges.

Our Holiday Plans

   Copresco will be closed Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve, Friday Christmas Day, and Friday January 1 New Year’s Day.
   We’ll be open for business as usual Thursday, December 31 New Year’s Eve (although we may leave early).

Internet Addresses

Tips to fight deadly computer viruses.

Guidelines to avoid proofreading goofs.

There is a huge demand for print:
Print is the only answer when your message is important enough to read.
Surveys of college students reveal that they prefer paper text over e-texts.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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