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Who's in charge here, anyway?

Go straight to the top! If you have any compliments, complaints, suggestions, or great thoughts, contact Copresco President Steve Johnson.

Where's my order?

For estimates, specifications, or to check on the status of work in progress, contact our Production Coordinator Lynn Buck. Lynn's direct telephone line is (630) 690-2139. Her fax is (630) 690-8182.
Don't send digital files for printing to her, though! See
Digital File Transfer below.

If your order has already shipped via parcel express or overnight courier, and you know the tracking number, you may choose check the status directly.

Very funny...

To subscribe to our amusing and fact-filled monthly newsletter, Overnight Lite, visit our Nightlite page. To subscribe to our technical bulletin (which is not amusing and not monthly, but very fact-filled) visit our TechTopics page.

Digital file transfer

To send us a digital file for printing, please use our anonymous FTP site. Please do not send the files via e-mail unless we specifically ask you to. FTP is faster, much more efficient, and doesn't clog up our e-mail server.